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Do you use facial pads?

You might like to, because they’re terrific. And after a friend spotted some on my bathroom sink yesterday and was amazed by their niftiness, I thought, goodness, perhaps this is the Veep (TV show that is excellent and you should find and watch) of skin care products, AKA something incredibly good and wonderful but not nearly as popular as it should be.

They’re fantastic, facial pads.  Just small circles of cotton soaked in skin care ingredients that will exfoliate and gently resurface your face. They’re disposable one-use little marvels that come in a jar with 60 or so of their friends, and are hygienic and fresh and ready to use with the perfect dose of ingredients, so you don’t have to guess/can’t overdo it. (Important when dealing with AHAs and even salicylic acid, which these pads all contain.)

They’re very quick and easy to use, negate the need for specialised toners and masks, and can be used for:

– Skin that is dull or dry or tired and needing a boost/some glow

– Blemished skins and breakouts

– Blackheads

– Softening lines and brightening up the skin

And for the time poor, or the I-do-not-care-for-complicated-skin-care-routines-and-numerous-products, or the travelly, or the lazy, or the can’t-afford-regular-facials-but-want-great-skin, or the I-enjoy-wild-weekends-and-pay-for-it-with-my-skin types, these are potentially your new bezzie. You can use (some of) them daily if your skin needs it/can take it, weekly, or just when you need some glow. They are pretty active, though, so sadly (generally) sensitive skinned types won’t be able to enjoy their effects.


You simply cleanse, then swipe one little pad all over your face, nice and thoroughly, (really giving the blackhead zone a good rub), let it dry for a minute or two, then follow with either your serum then night cream, or just your night cream. I recommend saving them for night-time due to the AHAs, which as we know, make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads

For glow before an event, I would use: (any of these, really but certainly) Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel pads (a cult, celeb-loved fave) or Philosophy the microdelivery: pads which with its AHAs will give me a lovely exfoliation. I then follow with a hydrating facemask for 5-10 mins.

For mature skin, or weary, unloved skin that needs TLC, I would use: Something a bit stronger, that that will act like a diluted (salon) peel. The Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is a two-step pad system that used as a course over a few weeks will do big things. (Not recommended for sensitive skins, though.)

For acne management or break out I would use: (any of the above but certainly) Glo therapeutics Clear Complexion Pads or Body Shop Tea Tree Exfoliating pads (also excellent for ingrown hairs around the bikini line) or Clearasil Rapid Action Pads.

A few things about these pads:

1. Follow the instructions. They know what their product can do if overused, you don’t. These pads are strong.

2. Use sunscreen if you are using these pads.

3. Follow with moisturiser and or a mask. You need to replenish the skin.

4. ALWAYS SCREW THE LID BACK ON TIGHT. Otherwise they will dry out and become useless and you will grieve for Grug knows how long.

5. Don’t brag too much once your skin is all awesome. Deeply unstylish.

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 Do you use facial pads?