Bride with no bridesmaids wants to call off her wedding.

The groom needs advice.

There’s a certain way we think wedding’s are supposed to look. We are constantly fed the image of a ‘perfect wedding‘ through wedding magazines, our Pinterest boards and even now, our Instagram feeds.

They must be white, they must be delicate, they must be happy, they must be decorated and they must have a perfectly symmetrical bridal party.

No one's wedding looks like this. Seriously don't compare.

Why does a wedding have to look a certain way? Why does the bridal party need a whole 'party' of people - can't it just be about the bride and groom? This is the dilemma our groom is facing.

He took to Reddit to ask for help. Bridewithnofriends wrote, "My fiancée has no bridesmaids and it's making her so upset she wants to call off the wedding. How can I help?"

The worried groom explains that he and his fiancée have been together since they were 18 (she's now 24, he 25) and the pair recently got engaged. He talks honestly to Reddit and promises his belle is not the bridezilla type, but she is someone who's imagining a nice wedding.

He explains, "She's not very social and has no sisters/female cousins, and as a result she has no bridesmaids. Zero. I on the other hand have a solid group of guys to be groomsmen and they're already talking bachelor party."

His bride-to-be won't have a bridal shower, bachelorette party or anyone to wedding dress shop with. He says it's really getting her down.

She'll never wear one of these.

"Once she said between sniffles, 'can't we just sign a paper at a courthouse?' But I know neither of us really want that," the bridewithnofriends wrote.

The groom-to-be has suggested having his sisters and cousins in the bridal party but they don't know her well and probably wouldn't agree to it.

Ultimately, he just wants to know how to help. And people's advice came pouring in. Some thought the couple should just ditch having a bridal party all together.

You can have a nice wedding without bridesmaids and groomsmen. There are plenty of options between that traditional scenario and just signing a paper at the courthouse. - Cowgirl97

I skipped the bridesmaids/groomsmen piece because of the numbers game between our sides and because it was needlessly expensive. - Overshadows

Others suggested a joint bridal shower.

Right, you need to completely abandon the idea of having any groomsmen is she isn't having any brides maids. Even if she did find a couple of people to stand in, it wouldn't be the same as you and your crew.

As far as the bachelor party goes, do what you will, but would it be possible to have a joint (co-ed) wedding shower? Your friends can bring their girlfriends if they exist, and also invite any female family that you may have so that she isn't just tagging along with you and your friends. - jessikastone

The broken fiancée replied to many of the comments, clinging to find help. He confessed,  "My guy friends are fine with her, but they don't know her too well. My best man even said he wouldn't have anything to write about her in the speech."

His bestman would have nothing to say.

Reddit user, trekbette replied with, "You've been together for six years, and your friends don't know her well enough to say a few nice things about her. That's a little worrying."

Ultimately a lot of people were just worried that his fiancée didn't have any friends, and were concerned about her happiness.

If she's sad about not having friends, she should make some. That's important for her long-term happiness, not just for the wedding. Help her figure out how to start making some friends. - enrichmentonly

What do you think he should do? What would you do?

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