Why you should NEVER touch a member of the Queen's Guard. Ever.

Step AWAY from the funny hat.

I know it’s tempting, the luxurious red fabric, those shiny gold buttons, and that MASSIVE furry hat. But you should never, EVER approach or touch a member of the Queen’s Guard.

This poor sod learnt his lesson the hard way. After a few seconds of mimicking and mockery, the tourist placed his hand on the Guard’s shoulder, and – BOOM.



Probably fair to assume that this unsuspecting tourist was in need of a change of knickerbockers after the Guard screamed in his face and drew his weapon. Thankfully for him, the weapons are only armed at times when there is a perceived threat of danger.

If you’ve ever been to the UK, specifically Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, it’s likely you’ve posed for a selfie or pulled a funny face at these impressively stoic, and fabulously well-dressed men. But it’s important to remember, they’ve got a very serious job to do. As Huffington Post reports, they are official members of the British Military, tasked with guarding royal residences. They are NOT your nut-cracker playthings okay, people?

Step away, dude. Step. Away.

According to one guard, who held a Q and A over on Reddit, the job is pretty hard work. The constant stillness, particularly in times of extreme weather, can lead to fainting spells. Not to mention the annoying tourists and drunk locals. And that big, hairy hat? It’s heavy. Like, 2-4kg heavy.

Worse if it gets wet. Mhhhhmmmm soggy bear-skin.

So you can’t really blame the guard in this video for snapping at a cheeky tourist. Poor bloke’s had a looooong day.

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