Help! Is it normal that... I don't want to invite the whole class to my son's birthday party?

What is the etiquette when it comes to inviting children from school to your child’s birthday party? One new mum needs the advice of the wise iVillage mothership.

My son just started Kindergarten and he is really excited by the fact that his birthday is the first birthday that will be celebrated in his class. We have big plans for the cupcakes we are going to make for him to bring in to share with his new friends, however when it comes to his birthday party, I’m a bit stumped.

So far his party has just consisted of family, friends and a couple of preschool families we know well. Now that he’s in Kindergarten I feel like I should invite the entire class so none of the children miss out on the excitement of the first birthday party of the school year.

However the cost of inviting 30 children to his party is just too much. So I thought I might just invite the boys, but then, there’s 15 boys in his class. Then I thought we might just invite the boys sitting with him on his table, to help strengthen these new friendships, but there are some Kindy mums I get along with really well and I want them to come along too.

We also have two family friends with boys in his class.

So I’m a back to inviting all the boys in his class, but then all the girls miss out. I want to promote my son’s female friendships too.

I’ve organised a bowling party so I pay per child. I could always do a party at home that is more affordable but 30 kids is still a lot.

Do I really have to invite my son’s entire class to his birthday party?