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Your latte cost more than her wedding.

Georgina and Sid on their wedding day




$1.56. That’s how much this couple’s wedding cost.

In other words, a brand new buy at the $2 shop would have been more expensive. To put this into context for you, the average wedding in Australia last year was between $36,700 (IBISWorld), and $48,296 (Bride To Be magazine).

That’s a minimum of $35,698.44 cents cheaper than average. One word: Impressive.

I have only been to two weddings. One cost around $50,000 was the whole shebang: upwards of one hundred guests, church, three course sit down meal, full band, expensive dress. You get my drift.

The other wedding I attended was the smaller $15,000 budget, quirky beach wedding where guests Instagram accounts were the official photographer and the dinner consisted of a variety of indulgent cocktails.

DIY jelly shots I can do

Quickly approaching is my third DIY wedding. And guess who’s in the bridal party (which we shall henceforth refer to as the arts and craft party). Yes, that would be me.

Delighted as I am by being given the honour of being part of the arts and craft party, I am a tiny bit apprehensive about the fact that I do not have a thifty, scrap-bookish bone in my body.

I do however, know how to make a strawberry into an edible jelly shot glass. Yep. Bring on the Hens Party.

Scottish couple, artist Georgina Porteous and singer-songwriter Sid Innes, were married in their backyard barn amongst bales of hay and hand picked flowers.

The couple who needed to save money opted for a DIY wedding which turned into an obsession to keep the cost down to as little as possible.

According to, this is how they did it:

– asked friends and family to bring food rather than presents

– the priest donated his services

– the rings being handmade from antlers found in the garden

– the only cost (apart from the $109.67 legal marriage certificate) was the bride’s dress which she purchased for $1.56

– the groom wore a suit he already owned

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What crafty DIY ideas have you seen or used at a wedding? Post a comment below and help a sister out.