A 4-ingredient DIY face mask that packs a seriously moisturising punch.

Image: supplied.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all obsessed with food. We blitz, blend and baste everything from strawberries to ox tail.

But have you ever stopped to think what the foods we’re putting into our eager mouths and hungry bodies could do for our skin?

As it turns out, there are some incredible benefits we’ve been missing out on.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a tried and tested moisturising orange, raw honey and oat face mask.

Thanks to Mother Nature, after just fifteen minutes spent with this DIY mask, my skin was left feeling moisturised, calm and even in colour and texture. And it’s no wonder why. (Post continues after video.)

We chose to hero the humble orange in this recipe by using both the juice and peel. Oranges are a powerhouse of antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C and zinc — properties which work in harmony to heal, hydrate and promote a healthy skin glow.

As for the raw honey, it’s packed full of nutrients and enzymes that both nourish and moisturise the skin. We added oats for their exfoliant powers and two dollops of Greek yoghurt – not only to thicken the mask but also for the live cultures hiding within that work to kill acne-causing bacteria (like tiny Karate Kids).

While this recipe may sound like the beginnings of an indulgent bircher muesli, rest assured, it packs a serious punch.

Have you tried an at-home face mask before?

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