You could have a backyard roller coaster for less than $50, too

Backyard roller coaster

Leave it to an open-minded mum to issue a challenge her teenage boys couldn’t refuse.

When Porter Harding’s mother bet her son and his friends that they couldn’t build a roller coaster in the back yard for less than fifty bucks, this is what happened:

Measure twice, saw once

Smart move, building the seat first so they knew how wide to build the tracks. It’s all about the safety features!

The night shift

The guys worked late into the night, until the neighbours complained about the noise. (If we were their neighbours, we’d be asking to join the crew.)

The early bird gets the first ride


Work resumed at 8 a.m. the next day. We hope someone’s mum made a big breakfast for these crazy kids.

What a beauty!

Throw in a swimming pool and this could be the coolest backyard in the country.

The view from the top

Wow, that’s impressively scary. Fortunately, our fearless engineers tested the roller coaster by strapping some cinderblocks to the seat and letting them ride. And it worked!

All this fun, for only $49.27 at a local hardware store.

Would you let your kids build something like this?


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