The worst divorces of all time.

The worst part is when you realise that at some stage, these people actually loved each other…

Let’s be honest, divorcing couples can put each other through some really horrible sh*t.

Thanks to our friends at Reddit, divorce lawyers have shared their most memorable cases. Most of them are memorable for some fairly disturbing reasons.

These are the most mortifying tales:

1. The one where the ex-husband gets messed up revenge.

The soon-to-be ex-husband used his wife’s email and phone address to sign her up to a wide variety of rather interesting sites. From every bank loan, religious group, porn site his weird little brain could think of.

He went as far to publish a sex ad on Craigslist, advertising that she was in desperate need of a sex partner. Funnily enough, the wife ended up dating one of the guys who replied to her fake sex ad.

Suck it, ex-husband.

2. The one where every centimetre counts. Literally.

A couple enduring the rituals of divorce had chosen to continue living with one another pending the same of their family home.

Oh, that’s quite amicable, right?


The two had to employ a mediator just to settle how much space the other got in the fridge.

3. The one with a bomb.

In 1996, a Santa Cruz family law attorney, Jack Jacobson, was delivered a wrapped gift two days before Christmas. Jacobson walked into his office, with his mysterious Christmas gift.

A few minutes later, the gift exploded. One of Jacobson’s hands was completely blown off.

Now, the bomber has never been caught but the victim is convinced the package was from unhappy, ex-client who didn’t get what they wanted in their divorce.

4. The one where the wife wins the lottery.

Oh, get ready to shake your head, in that oh-god-you-were-so-close type of way.

Denise and Thomas Rossi were just your average couple. They had been married for 25 years, and were so close that they even shared a toothbrush (is that normal?).


That was until December 28, 1999 when Denise filed for divorce. Completely unexpectedly.

What Denise told no one during the divorce was exactly 11 days before, she had won $1.3 million dollars in a Californian lottery.

Two years went by and Denise had snuck off with her entire winnings. Then, a letter addressed to Denise turned up in Thomas Rossi’s mailbox.

The letter was an offer to buy out Denise’s lottery annuity in a lump sum payout. So, what did Thomas do?

He got in touch with the family court and he was awarded 100% of the lottery prize. Every single dollar. Sure, what the wife did was a bit dodgy, but that seems a bit over the top…

5. The one with the best worst ending.

A couple in their late 60s, married for over 35 years, had decided to get divorced.

At their mediation, everything was going smoothly. Within 30 minutes, they had managed to divide about $500,000 worth of assets. Pretty good, right?

Unfortunately for the lawyer mediating the session, they spent the next 2.5 hours fighting over two hurricane glasses from Pat O’Brien’s and a pitchfork.

“Mediator: “She really wants that pitchfork. It was a gift from her daddy.”

Husband: “That…BITCH! We bought it at Home Depot two years ago!” …and etc.”

The couple spent over $1,000 on attorney fees mediating the glasses and pitchfork, alone.

3 months later, they remarried.

Best worst ending. Ever.

6. The one where you know it’s real and it’s make you really, really sad.

This one comes from a courthouse clerk.

A court order came across their desk from a mother, asking for her ex-husband to be banned from playing computer game, Minecraft, with their son, during particular times.

The order alleged that the father was going against his visitation rights by talking to his son through the game, as his contact was not outlined in their custody plan.

Have you got any whacky divorce stories? We would love to hear them.

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