Dita Von Teese wears the same costume every Halloween. And it's brilliant.

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese wears on Wednesday what most of us would wear to a costume party.

So it kind of makes sense that what most of us wear on Wednesday, Dita Von Teese wears on Halloween.

Von Teese is known for her glamorous vintage-inspired look. High-fashion dresses, dark black perfectly coiffed hair, an expertly flicked cat eye and red lipstick make up her uniform of sorts.

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But when Halloween rolls around, Von Teese, like the rest of us, takes the opportunity to transforme into someone else.

On Halloween, Von Teese morphs into… a “normal girl”.

Happy Halloween. (More in my Instagram story)

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Dita Von Teese becomes Dina.

“I like to go in disguise,” Von Teese told Elle in 2013 about her Halloween tradition.

"I take off all my red nail polish—off my toes and my fingers. I wear very normal looks, usually a blonde wig and a T-shirt.

"My goal is always to look like I'm the girl who didn't dress up for Halloween. I never get recognised."

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She kind of has an early 2000's Paris Hilton vibe going on.


But don't expect this Halloween costume to bleed into her real life.

Von Teese told The Cut that the normal girl make up is too much work.

"It’s fun and funny but it’s too much work. I have to have [M.A.C. senior makeup artist Gregory] Arlt do my makeup and he does what he calls the Victoria Beckham on me," she explains.

"I have to take off all my red nail polish and everything since I can’t go through the drama and then be seen later with beige nails."

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"And then it’s totally different. I lose all my VIP privileges," she continues.

"Strange men try and approach me. It’s really weird washing off all the beige. It is so much makeup with all of the highlighter, bronzer, and gloss. I can’t bear it. It’s so hard to wash off. A matte-red lipstick is so much easier to wash off."

Another Halloween costume pic.

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Well played, Dita Von Teese.

Who knew lip gloss could be so terrifying?