Your baby cries. What you do next has experts deeply concerned.

It’s the most heart-wrenching sound a mum can hear. But experts are telling you to ignore it.

It’s bound to happen.

No matter how many toys you bring, snacks you arrange and even a showing of Frozen doesn’t always do the trick.

At some point, they are going to cry.

Scream even.

All from the backseat. While you are driving.

And a new campaign in Canada is warning mums that scream can cause an accident. The campaign is called #DistractedToDeath, and it’s asking mums to ignore their little one’s cries.

According to their research 89% of mums in Canada feel that kids are a big distraction while driving.

The campaign's website says, "While a baby’s cry may signal you to turn around to help, when you’re driving you need to fight your urge and keep your eyes forward."

Instead they give the following tips to keeping your little one amused:

  • Secure your child properly.
  • Give them toys and books.
  • Have their favourite music on before driving.
  • Avoid small snacks that can cause choking.
  • Install sun guards so baby is not bothered by sunlight.

They also ask mums to not immediately react to their child's cries or screams (regardless of how much of an urge you have to comfort them).

Instead, let them cry until you find a safe spot to pull over. And not to worry about the few minutes that pull over stop will cost you. The campaign would rather you be late, than rush to get somewhere to make up those minutes, and get into a potential accident.

Other distractions the campaign is asking women to stop doing while driving are eating fast food, drinking, talking or text messaging and putting on make-up.

What do you find the most distracting while driving?

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