That's better: If Disney Princesses had realistic hair.

A Buzzfeed illustrator is hitting back at Disney for promoting unrealistic expectations on superficial beauty.

Disney has long been known for promoting unrealistic body shapes and unattainable beauty standards in their movies. Think of Elsa from Frozen – why didn’t we ever see her regrowth? There’s no way she’s a natural blonde. And Mulan? You can’t say her straight locks wouldn’t have fallen victim to the classic frizz that comes with humidity.

But try telling that to Disney and they’ll spout another movie with a picture-perfect princess as a response.

Buzzfeed illustrator Loryn Brantz is hitting back at the beauty standards shoved down our throats by Disney. She’s re-drawn classic princesses with realistic hair. Think Pocahontas, Belle, Ariel… all with frizz.

Ariel with great hair, as she’s pictured in The Little Mermaid.


Realistic. Wet. Straight. Not luscious at all. Illustration by Loryn Brantz.


Pocahontas in a windstorm has beauty hair. Unlikely.


Pocahontas’s hair if it was really caught in a windstorm. Illustration by Loryn Brantz.


You can see the whole collection of photographs by clicking here.