This mum wins at dress-ups. Hands down.

Meet the mum who has made her daughter’s dress-up box the most popular in town.

Childhood is magical. Our children’s minds brim with fantasies and sometimes, just sometimes, parents resist the urge to warn our kids that life just doesn’t usually work out like that. Sometimes we decide to feed their dreams instead.

This mother has indulged her daughter’s princess fantasies in the most amazing way, by perfectly recreating the outfits of every Disney princess that ever existed. Angela Bonser sewed every stitch on the costumes for her daughter Haylie.

Once the beautiful outfits and gowns were done, mother and daughter visited Disneyland over the course of four years and took a series of photos with the princesses there. “It was the interactions at Disneyland that made the princesses special to her,” Angela told the Huffington Post. She added that seeing the joy on her daughter’s face made it all worth it and the ‘real’ princesses delighted in it to. “They love having a mini-me!” she says.

CLICK THROUGH these incredible photos and today, just today, indulge in one of your child’s fantasies with complete and total reckless abandon. Because sometimes, dreams do come true. Enjoy.

Do you encourage your kids to play dress up? Do you make their clothes?