Dumbo and Peter Pan: The Disney movies that have received a 'warning' on Disney Plus.

After years of anticipation, Disney Plus has finally landed on Australian screens.

The highly-anticipated streaming service, which launched in Australia on Tuesday, is the home to brand new Disney originals as well as a bunch of Disney classics, Pixar movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars movies and even every single season of The Simpsons.

Following the launch of Disney Plus in the United States on November 12, more than 10 million users signed up to the service in the first 24 hours.

Here’s a sneak peek at everything coming to Disney Plus. Post continues after video.

But since the new streaming platform was launched, users have noticed an interesting addition.

You see, as Disney Plus includes the majority of Disney’s archive of movies, disclaimers warning of ‘outdated cultural depictions’ have been added to a number of its classic movies.

Speaking on Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast, The Spill, host Laura Brodnik explained Disney’s decision to add the warnings of ‘outdated cultural depictions’.

“There was obviously a big question mark over the Disney franchise as they went to pull all these classics out of the vault to put them on a streaming service,” Laura explained.

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“It’s different if you have the old VHS or DVDs sitting at home – they don’t have as much accountability for some of the depictions that are in the movies. But when you’re looking back at 50 to 60 years of movie releases, obviously a lot of the older releases like Dumbo, Peter Pan and all those movies have really outdated cultural depictions,” she explained.


“I mean, the crows in Dumbo are pretty terrible, the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp, the Native American depictions in Peter Pan – they’re just stereotypes that wouldn’t be allowed to be used at all today.

“But Disney also can’t not put them on the streaming service and you can’t take the scenes out, because then you lose the flow of the movie. The only choice they have is to put them on there and include the warnings.”

Here’s just a few of the Disney films which have received disclaimers:


disney plus in australia
Dumbo, released in 1941, contains a scene involving cigar-smoking crows – including one called Jim Crow – who refer to segregation laws of the United States. Image: Disney Plus.

Peter Pan

disney plus in australia
Peter Pan, which was released in 1953, has been criticised for its portrayal of Native American characters and cultural appropriation. Image: Disney Plus.

Lady and the Tramp

disney plus in australia
Lady and the Tramp, which was first released in 1955, features a pair of Siamese cats that sing in a stereotypical voice. Image: Disney Plus.

The Aristocats

disney plus in australia
The Aristocats, released in 1970, has also been condemned for its Siamese cat, which plays on stereotypes as well. Image: Disney Plus.

The Jungle Book

disney plus in australia
The original 1967 version of The Jungle Book has been criticised as its orangutans are seen as a racist caricature. Image: Disney Plus.


disney plus in australia
Fantasia, released in 1940, included racist caricatures. Image: Disney Plus.

When selecting these classic films, users have seen warnings which read: "This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions."


Interestingly, movies including Aladdin and Pocahontas don't have a cultural warning.

A number of movies have also been issued a tobacco usage warning, including Pinocchio, Hercules, The Sword & The Stone, 101 Dalmatians and The Three Caballeros.

One particular classic movie, Song Of The South, has been banned from Disney Plus completely.

The 1946 film, which won an Oscar for the song 'Zip-Ah-Dee-Doo-Dah, has been unavailable for over 30 years due to its controversial "impression of an idyllic master-slave relationship".

Despite being unable to watch for over three decades, the song and some of the movie's main characters still remain a major attraction at the Splash Mountain ride in Disney's Florida, California and Tokyo theme parks.

Here's how users have reacted to the inclusion of warnings:




Disney Plus is available now. You can find out more, here:

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