From Frozen to Moana: 7 Disney+ theme nights to try at home this winter.

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It would be an understatement to say that I’m looking forward (read: dying) to travel the world again once the pandemic subsides. As someone who meticulously researches holidays that I’ll probably never go on just for fun, isolation has really forced me to ‘live in the moment’. (Yes, I can feel your eyes rolling at that sappy line.)

Although most Aussies are now allowed to plan local escapes in their own states, the recession means winter school holiday getaways aren’t a viable option for many of us right now.

So…how on earth do you entertain the kids then? If there’s one thing we learned from our recent hibernation, it’s that home can be a place of creativity and fun as well.

Inspired by the deep back catalogue of Disney+, we’ve planned seven easy, fun family nights in that feel like staycation itineraries to magical places far, far away. And they’ll entertain the kids for hours.

Now boarding: flight to Arendelle

Arendelle. Image: Disney

Watch: Frozen 2 - As winter takes hold, there’s no better time to visit the Nordic-inspired seaside village of Arendelle, and for once get to embrace some snow while in Australia!

Make: Super simple snowflake paper craft will transform your lounge room into a Frozen wonderland.

Snowflake paper craft. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: Dine in on Sven’s favourite delicacy - Olaf’s Nose (carrot sticks) with snow dip (simple tzatziki)!

Wear: Parkas, beanies, scarves and your wooliest socks. It is winter and besides, Arendelle is prone to sudden cold snaps.

Now boarding: flight to Asgard

Asgard. Image: Marvel.

Watch: The Thor trilogy - The floating city of Asgard, drawn directly from Norse mythology, is truly out of this world (as if the views of Chris Hemsworth weren’t already enough!)

Make: It wouldn’t be a Thor theme without his hammer Mjölnir. There’s tonnes of paper designs available online, like this one we whipped up from an old tissue box. Tip: A few extra layers of electrical tape helps create the realistic feeling of a super heavy Mjölnir.

Thor Hammer Craft. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: One of the funniest scenes in the original movie sees Thor demolish a huge pancake breakfast before smashing his coffee cup and demanding “Another!” The kids will love breakfast-for-dinner complete with drinks in big coffee mugs.

Wear: Would it even be a Marvel movie if we didn’t mention good versus evil? This time it’s a battle of the siblings; Thor’s signature red cape (a t-shirt works perfectly) versus Loki’s sleek all black ensemble.

Now boarding: flight to Motunui

Motunui. Image: Disney.

Watch: Moana - Right now, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t kill to be relaxing on a South Pacific-inspired fictional island like Motunui, who’s stunning scenery is featured throughout Moana.

Make: Tamatoa, voiced by the hilarious Jemaine Clement, is a villainous giant crab, obsessed with collecting sparkly and shiny treasures to decorate his shell. Use some paper plates and as many sequins as you can find to create your own Tamatoa.

Tamatoa crab craft. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: Oceanic food often revolves around locally sourced seafood. This amazing coconut crab recipe will require some kitchen skills, but for something simpler try this tropical Hawaiian fried rice.

Wear: Sarongs, tropical shirts and flower crowns will bring a tropical vibe to your chilly winter living room!

Now boarding: flight to Springfield

Springfield. Image: 20th Century Fox.

Watch: The Simpsons - Over the years, we’ve gotten to know Springfield pretty well, and yet there are always surprises in this beloved middle-America town.


Make: The hairlines of the Simpson family are some of the most iconic in the world. Replicate your favourite character with paper crowns, like this Bart version.

Bart Simpson 'hair' crown. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: Take inspiration from the iconic Krusty Burgers with your family’s favourite burger recipe or this drool-worthy French Fry burger that Homer would surely approve of.

Wear: White t-shirts and jeans, the ultimate Homer Simpson uniform.


Now boarding: flight to Radiator Springs

Radiator Springs. Image: Disney/Pixar.

Watch: Cars and its two sequels - Radiator Springs is the ultimate road trip, reminiscent of the historic US Route 66, complete with rustic motels and the unique characters you’d expect to find on the most iconic American drive.

Make: These toilet-roll cars will have the kids living out their Lightning McQueen dreams and zooming all over the house.

Toilet roll Lightning McQueen. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: In the classic Pixar film, the whole Cars gang visits Flo’s V8 cafe for a serving of gas. While we certainly don’t recommend that for human children, these healthy fruit slushies served with big straws might just be kid-equivalent of fuel.

Wear: Put on your McQueen best with all of the go-fast red clothes you can find.

Now boarding: flight to San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo. Image: Disney/Pixar.

Watch: Big Hero 6 - One of the most unique destinations on our list, San Fransokyo is a melting pot of Japanese and American culture, a high-tech city renowned for its focus on science and innovation.

Make: Baymax is not only the film’s hero, but perhaps the cutest superhero to ever grace our screens, and you can bring him to life in this Baymax origami.

Baymax origami. Image: Mamamia.

Cook: Pay homage to Big Hero 6’s Japanese influence with these adorable and super simple bento boxes.

Wear: Baymax masks are essential for any Big Hero 6 viewing - all you need are paper plates, paddle pop sticks and a sharpie!

Now boarding: flight to Tatooine

Tatooine. Image: Lucasfilm.

Watch: The Star Wars movies - On a trip to the Outer Rim of the galaxy, we discover the desert planet of Tatooine. With sweeping sand dunes, vast canyons and twin suns, Tatooine seems desolate but make sure to head to the port city of Mos Espa on Boonta Eve for the annual podrace classic!

Make: Star Wars without lightsabers is like C-3P0 without R2-D2, inconceivable! Build your very own lightsaber.

Cook: Blue Milk or Bantha Milk is enjoyed by Luke Skywalker himself in the very first film, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope and the perfect accompaniment to a Star Wars marathon. It’s easy to recreate with your favourite vanilla milkshake recipe with a couple of drops of blue food colouring.

blue milk
Blue milk. Image: Mamamia.

Wear: Wield your lightsaber and pop on a robe (bath or otherwise) and get ready to choose your path; light side or dark...

Whatever you do these school holidays, don’t take it all too seriously. We’ll probably always remember 2020 as a really, really strange time.

But kids will just remember the laughs, hanging out as a family and that one time Dad really nailed his Chewbacca voice.

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Have other ideas for a fun themed night in? Let us know in the comments.


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