The 7 most disgusting discoveries parents have made in their kids' bedrooms.

Warning: this post deals with graphic details. You may want to put your lunch away.

While kids are a blessing and as their parents, we love them, finding out the child you helped form has developed some disgusting habits can be best described confronting. It can also leave you contemplating what the hell have you’ve done wrong.

As was the case for me while I was putting my daughter to bed the other night, when she proudly showed off her ‘booger wall’ as she called it.

“It is where I put all my boogers,” she told me.

By looking at the wall near where her head rested, I could see she had been working on this snot mural for quite some time.

The Pollock booger design were in abundance and now in a very hardened state that made me think I would need a paint scraper or chisel to scrape them off.

Mamamia Confessions: The time I was a bad mum.

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While I was horrified by my finding, it turns out that my daughter’s work of art is not one of a kind. In fact, after doing some research, these gross discoveries are, in fact, quite commonplace.

So, put your food down, if you get queasy, look away. Here are the top seven most disgusting things parents have found in their kids’ bedrooms:

“A ‘dried snot tower,'” Kirtsen.

Like myself, my mum friend Kirsten had a similar booger experience.


“My son had made what he called a ‘dried snot tower’ on his window ledge,” Kirsten said.

“When I said we needed to get rid of it, he got so angry and refused to speak to me for two whole days.”

“My husband could smell something but couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was,” Melanie.

For Melanie it was a discovery from a different body orifice that shocked her husband one Saturday afternoon.

“My husband went to get our three-year-old son up from his nap.

“When he went into the bedroom he could smell something but couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was.

“After looking around he discovered our son had done a poo in his tall boy drawer rather than going to the toilet.”

“I thought it was an ordinary ball. It was not,” Lisa.

“My son is a collector which is really a nice way of saying he keeps everything and his room is in a total state of mess.

“One day while he was at school, I decided to attack it but if I’d known what I was going to find, I may have not done this. Underneath a pile of magazines on his side table, I found what looked like an ordinary ball.

“On closer inspection it was indeed a ball but a ball of dead skin that he had collected from his sunburn and his blisters. He had obviously squished it all together, so all the bits had stuck and then rolled it into shape.”

“The first clue was the missing glasses,” Lee.

Living in a double story house with no bathroom on the upper level was the issue in Lee’s son’s case.

“I didn’t actually notice there was anything happening for weeks until there seemed to be a considerable amount of missing glasses from the cupboard.

“After a comprehensive search, I discovered that they were in my son’s bedroom, under his bed. They were filled with his urine.


“The effort to go downstairs to the toilet during the night was apparently too much effort for him.”

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Parenting: equal parts gratifying and just plain disgusting. Image: Getty.

"Curdled, solid chunks of milk," Renata.

“It was summer time so very hot in our upstairs bedrooms, including my two-year-old daughter’s. Over time I could smell this sour, rancid smell but for the life of me could not figure out where it was coming from.

"One day I couldn’t stand it anymore and turned the room upside down. That is where, buried at the bottom of her wardrobe, I found the missing milk sippy cup, with curdled, solid chunks of milk concreted onto the bottom of the cup.

"It was the most revolting smell I have ever experienced."


"Used condoms," Hannah.

Hannah had a far different experience with her teenage son. While he was away at a school camp and she was cleaning she found a hidden stash of condoms… used condoms.

“He was using them to masturbate into, I am assuming so he didn’t make mess but rather than dispose of them in a bin they were all kept in a drawer.

"The first shock was the realisation he was doing this, the second and worst was finding the evidence.”

"Vibrators and lubricant," Marie.

And if finding out your kids are becoming sexually active isn’t enough to make you a little uncomfortable, perhaps them playing with your sex toys will do it.

For Marie, her two children four and five, discovered her vibrators and lubricant from her top bedroom side table drawer.

“I walked into their playroom with the kids squirting out lubricant all over each other and the two vibrators sitting next to their Transformer and My Little Ponies on the shelf.”

It seems our little humans are an interesting bunch.

What's the grossest or most disgusting discovery you've made in your teen or child's bedroom? Group therapy is open in the comments.

Shona Hendley is a freelance writer from Victoria. An ex secondary school teacher, Shona has a strong interest in education. She is an animal lover and advocate, with a morbid fascination for true crime and horror movies. Shona is usually busy writing and raising her children: two goats, two cats and two humans. You can follow her on Instagram @shonamarion.

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