The 15 grossest things we've ever seen our partners do.

Image: OK, so we’re all guilty of gross habits. (iStock.)

As delightful as they are, flowers and chocolates aren’t the true indication of a strong relationship. What deeply bonds us to our partners are the disgusting habits we bear witness to — and the fact that we’ll still love them nevertheless.

Here’s a collection of the most stomach-turning things we’ve ever witnessed our partners doing. They drive us crazy… and yet, we still find these men or women desirable (and even manage to have sex with them). Ah, love — it’s a many-splendoured thing.

1. “Cupcaking.”

“Catching his farts in his hands, and then smelling them. I’ve heard it’s called ‘cupcaking’. I just call it ‘filthy’.”

2. You’ll never think of Tic Tacs in the same way again.

“My husband collects snot and bitten-off nails in an empty Tic Tac container. He does it in the car, when he’s stuck in traffic. If I’m sitting in the passenger seat beside him, he’ll shake the Tic Tac container next to my ear. It’s so disgusting that I almost cried about it once.”

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3. How sweat it is to be loved by you.

“Leaving sweaty sports things in the car. The soccer pre-season has already started and the odours of driving the team and all their equipment around has begun…”


4. My wife, the Babe.

“She has this way of rubbing her itchy nose that makes me crazy. She pushes it up with the palm of her hand, and it makes her look like a pig. It’s not even cute.”

5. What a multi-tasker.

“Flicking a booger across the room, going out to the garden to cut his toenails, wearing the same pair of underwear four days in a row, tricking me into pulling his finger and then farting.”

Toenail clippings. Toenail clippings everywhere. (iStock)

6. The human xylophone.

"He flicks his teeth with his nails, as though his teeth form a bizarre xylophone. It's the worst noise and habit, and makes me cringe."

7. Squeeeeeeeze...

"She enjoys popping my blackheads. Why?!"

8. Giving 'leftovers' a whole new meaning.

"Not emptying his esky at the end of the week (he is a builder, so it's a daily lunchbox). I find the grossest things in there come Sunday evening." (Post continues after gallery.)

9. Ever heard of a garbage bin?

"Smoking. And filling up old beer bottles full of butts and collecting them, three or four at a time outside on the patio. Ugh."

10. The in-house pedicurist.

"He gets his mum to clip his toenails in the garden whenever we go visit, and they have a chat while they do it."

11. Bathroom wars.

"Any sort of residue in the sink is the worst. My boyfriend shaves his face and leaves the hairs in the sink, as well as toothpaste residue. It makes me want to vom."

It's not the shaving that bothers us - it's the evidence left in the sink. (iStock)

12. Good vibrations?

"I’m fine with farting, but when I can feel the vibrations on the couch… no thank you."

13. But did he use deodorant?

"He goes to the gym every morning, and then comes over to my house at night having not showered after his workout (or for the rest of the day). He doesn't think there's anything weird or gross about that."

14. The stomach of steel.

"He used to eat raw chicken offcuts from the chopping board, and somehow hasn't died from salmonella poisoning."

Mmm, delicious. (iStock)

15. He calls them "lickadees".

"He randomly licks my face. He'll do a tiny lick, or a huge one that goes from my chin to my temple. I have no idea why he likes this; I don't even think it's sexual for him."

What's the most disgusting thing you've seen your partner do?