The three step Christmas gift wrapping hack that ensures no-one will guess what's inside.

When you’ve got nosey children (or adults) prodding and shaking their Christmas presents desperately trying to guess what they are, it can be hard to keep them a surprise until the big day.

Until now.

Earlier this month I attended a gift wrapping workshop at TK Maxx hosted by Australia’s gift wrapping expert, Vivienne Anthon of The Daily Wrap. There I  (the world’s worst wrapper) learned the most genius and easy christmas present wrapping hack that I’ve been telling everyone I know (and those I don’t) about.

It’s so good at disguising presents and throwing people off the scent it’s basically magic. I’ve recreated it in the video above.


The idea is to completely disguise your gift by transforming into something else. That way, the receiver has no chance of identifying what lies underneath.

So this may look like a Christmas pudding… but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Image: Brittany Stewart/Mamamia

It's actually a pair of sunglasses (A fab pair that I'd been eyeing off for ages and then almost squealed and elbowed four people out the way when I saw them at TK Maxx at a fraction of the cost. Score!) and a nail polish.

What's actually inside... No Christmas pudding. Sunnies and nail polish instead!

You can use the trick to hide anything though - swimwear, clothes, makeup, kitchenware, toys etc. Whatever takes your fancy.

All you'll need is a piece of fabric, a takeaway container or cheap bowl and some ribbon.

Yep, no scissors or stick tape required.

1.Lay out fabric.

Lay out your chosen fabric plain side up. The size depends on the size of your bowl and gift - I've used a cut roughly 30cm by 30 cm. Place your gift in the centre.

2. Put bowl on top.

Place your bowl (Vivienne saves her takeaway containers for this very purpose) and place over the top of your gift like a dome. Make sure nothing is peeking out. You may want to strengthen the base with a circle piece of cardboard or paper if your gift is particularly heavy.

3. Wrap it up.

Starting with a corner, gather up the fabric around the dome. It should resemble a Christmas pudding by this point. Secure with ribbon and voila, you're done.

And if you are still looking for last minute gifts, I'd recommend paying your local TK Maxx a visit. This is not sponsored - I've been a fan of the store for yonks back in the UK- and every time I visit I'm truly blown away by the incredible selection of designer and just good items they have there across all categories. If you want to bang out all your shopping in the once place, it's a great place to start (and end!).