What happens when your favourite beauty product gets discontinued...

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Confession: I once penned an open letter to Clinique to express my extreme disappointment that they’d discontinued my favourite eyeshadow, Quick Eyes Cream Eyeshadow in Muffin. I’m a little embarrassed about it now, especially because the head honcho at Clinique saw it and sent me various substitutes to try, but the truth is – I’m still in mourning. It was a truly excellent eyeshadow.

1. Shock and denial

This isn’t happening, this CAN’T be happening.

2. Pain

What am I supposed to do now?

3. Anger

How could they DO this to me?

4. Bargaining

This is the stage where you contact every makeup counter in the state - ok Australia wide - and beg them to look for stray samples.

5. Depression

The realisation finally hits.

6. Acceptance

It's ok, because this means that you can now buy more makeup.

If you’re currently experiencing the special kind of pain that is your favourite product heading to the beauty graveyard, there are a few things you can do. Estee Lauder have a ‘Gone but not forgotten’ program where someone will email you back about the specific product you’re trying to track down. You can scour eBay, do a Google search for dupes, or if you can spare a precious few drops you can send it to Three Colors to get it replicated.

Click through this gallery to see some of the beloved discontinued products that left women in our office broken-hearted:

Has this ever happened to you? What product do you miss most?

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