People are sharing their disappointing engagement stories and we can't look away.

You’ll never forget the moment your partner proposes to you – but sometimes, marriage proposals are more of a fizzer than a fairytale.

Awkward, lazy and just plain lame proposal stories abound – and now, people are sharing their own disappointing engagement stories on Reddit.

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And we Just. Can’t. Look. Away.

Here are some of the highlights – but be warned: they are seriously cringeworthy.

  • catdoctor: A long, long time ago, the guy I had dated for 3 years and was still in touch with after a year apart said: “You know, neither one of us is gonna meet anybody better, so we should just get married.” He was 35, I was 22. I said yes but thought about it and broke up with him a few weeks later.
  • Brooke124: My fiancé proposed to me while I was sitting on the couch.
  • mildly-attractive: My mum said to my dad ‘so are we gonna get married? Because if not I wanna go travel.
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  • kodakrat74: He proposed to me in my dorm room on my 21st birthday when I was drunk and nearly passed out on the bed. I was confused at first and forgot to say yes until an hour or so later when I sobered up.
  • letsmakeart: My parents were in line at McDonald's, trying to decide what to get. My dad randomly turned to my mum and said "I think we should get married" and my mom was like "Alright".
  • Lambxo: My husband is shy so I knew he would want to keep it low key. He ended up proposing to me in our messy bedroom while kneeling on a pile of dirty laundry. Ah romance.
  • Chrisisaboner4ever: My ex proposed to me on the bike path at my university. Someone drove by and shouted, "look at that fat ass," when he was down on one knee.
disappointing engagement stories
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  • PrettySmartAndHumble: My ex got down on one knee in the middle of the parking lot, when we had just gotten home from picking out the ring. It wasn't a romantic moment at all, and felt really lazy.


And they say romance is dead...

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