This NSW special ability cheerleading troupe has won millions of hearts.

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A Newcastle quartet performing in an all-ability cheerleading competition has taken the internet by storm, with a woman named Deb at the heart of it all.

During a performance on Saturday, the Oxygen All Stars Lithium team’s routine began much like any other cheerleading troupe’s would — the one exception being that Deb uses a wheelchair.

The Oxygen All Stars Lithium team performing on Saturday. Source: Facebook

Captured on film by event organisers, the tightly curated routine showed Deb's three team members helping her from her chair within moments of beginning the performance. The university student then went on to do lifts and tumbles with the troupe throughout.

"Once again, our Special Ability champions continue to inspire and awe us with awesome displays from OXYGEN ALL STARS LITHIUM featuring the fantastic Deb," the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

The video has amassed an incredible 3.2 million views since being posted.

The Oxygen All Stars Lithium team performing on Saturday. Source: Facebook

Hearing the news of her viral success, Deb told The Daily Mail, "I'm overwhelmed. I didn't think I would be inspiring people but I have, and that's just amazing.

"If you've got a disability nothing is impossible, there's only ability if you believe in yourself," she continued before adding, "I'm not giving up any time soon."

The Oxygen All Stars Lithium team took out first place in their round.