Seven dirty movie references you missed as a kid.

When you’re a kid it can be really easy for things in movies to go straight over your head. Then you watch them again as an adult and ask yourself, ‘How the hell did I miss that?’

Take Toy Story for example.

There are plenty of hidden dirty references that you never would have thought twice about when you were a child.

Think back to when Woody and Buzz end up at Sid’s house…

They're introduced to Sid's toys.

What you might not have realised is that we're actually introduced to a hooker, a bouncer and a one-eyed erector set.

Not convinced?

What about this scene where Buzz watches Jessie using her awesome skills to let Buster the dog out of the room.

Buzz's wings pop up in this scene.

Adults, you know what that's code for...

WATCH the video below to see the other dirty movie references you missed as a kid...

Video via Clevver Movies

What is a dirty movie reference you have spotted?

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