The affordable designer clothes everyone in the world is trying to buy tonight.

Before the Dion Lee x Target collaboration drops at 8pm, prepare yourself.

Aussie designer Dion Lee, known for structural designs that are both expensive and beautiful, has partnered with affordable brand Target to create some clothes for us to buy. That line of clothes drops tonight on the Target website.

If you like clothes, this is BIG news. Dion Lee pieces tend to go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so a Target collab means designer duds at a dramatically reduced cost.

But if you couldn’t give a shit about fashion, you’re probably going to give this one a swerve. Because while it’s cheaper, it’s not TARGET cheap. Dion Lee’s Target collection is around $80-100, still more than I’d pay for Target.

Click through the gallery below to see some of the range. Post continues after gallery.

Alas, the collection holds two magic words that are bound to get wallets opening when the line drops at 8pm tonight – limited edition.

And with any limited edition sale, there comes serious emotional hardship. Before you head to Target’s website tonight, brief yourself on the seven stages you’re probably (definitely) going to go through.

1. Adrenaline.

You’ve previewed the range, you’ve sculled a Red Bull. You’re ready to take on all the other b*tches who love cheap designer fashion as much as you do.

2. Fear.

What if your Internet crashes? What if you accidentally spent all your money on pizza and can’t afford to shop online? WHAT IF IT ALL SELLS OUT?

3. Relief. Sweet, sweet relief when you finally get into the site.

“I’M HERE. And there’s so much stuff still available. I’ll just take my time scrolling through and deciding…”

4. Panic.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. All the sizes are gone. That amazing dress has disappeared. There’s only a size eight left in that jacket and I’m not going to fit into that. Maybe I’ll buy it anyway and eat lettuce for a week? Yeah, good idea.

5. Utter bewilderment.

Are you really going to spend $50 on a beanie? What is wrong with you? No beanie is worth that shit, man.

6. Heart palpitations caused by stress.

Your computer just crashed at the checkout. This is bullshit.

7. Defeat.

It’s over. You’re done. The limited edition stuff has sold out. You’ve just spent $600 on items you didn’t really want and that probably won’t fit.

But hey, you deserve a reward for trying, right? Treat yourself.

Are you planning on shopping the Dion Lee x Target range? 

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