Zookeepers recovering after shock dingo attack in Western Australia.

Two women have been mauled by a dingo in Western Australia, and have sustained serious facial injuries.

The women work as zookeepers at Peel Zoo in Pinjarra, just south of Perth, and it is believed they approached the dingo, named Shiloh, to take him for a walk.

Emma Mitchell-Collett, 23, was inside the animal’s enclosure with her 21-year-old colleague when the dingo started to attack.

Mitchell-Collett told Nine News the dingo snapped at her co-worker, so she went to her aid.

Recalling the event, she said, “He attacked her, I managed to get her out of the enclosure.”

“He also attacked me.

“Something happened, we don’t know what triggered him.”

“There’s still a lot we don’t know about dingo behaviours,” she added.

Emma Mitchell-Collett with a dingo. Image via Facebook.

Mitchell-Collett was adamant that the animal not be destroyed on the basis of the attack.

"Ultimately he is a wild animal at heart. You can put them in captivity all you want but they’re wild at heart. You can’t blame him for acting on natural instincts," she said.

Emma Mitchell-Collett and her colleague are being treated for facial injuries, with Mitchell-Collett expected to undergo surgery.

Shiloh is currently in lock down, and a decision will be made in the coming days by the zoo about his future.