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You probably didn't ask, but there are actually four different types of penises.

Here’s a nice little riddle for your weekend: How many types of penises would you consider exist in the world? Maybe, like, two? Big and small?

Or, say, circumcised or non-circumcised?

On the off-chance we drew them for you – which, ahhh, we most definitely did –  you’d assume that all of the penises in the world look like one of these two. Right? Right…?

We present the circumcised:

Hello, yes, I am circumcised.

And the uncircumcised:

Hello, yes, I am uncircumcised.

Except if you really did think there were only two types of penises in the world, then you'd be wrong. BuzzFeed say there are four. FOUR different shapes of penises.

Dr. David Shusterman, a urologic surgeon at New York Urology, told Buzzfeed penises can vary in shape drastically. So for visual purposes, we just decided to draw (very terrible) images for you.

The ones with big heads

Dr. Shusterman told Buzzfeed around 20% of the penises he's seen would be considered in the "big head" category.

Like so:

The ones with big(ger) shafts

These ones speak for themselves - we hope. The shaft, of course, just a little bit bigger than the other parts.

The one that bends

Dr. Shusterman says some men, between 10 and 20 per cent, have a slight upward curve to their penis.

The one that has a - little - curve

These ones turn up a little bit at the end.

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