Definitive proof that time flies: 11 things that have drastically changed since 2008.

The funny thing with time is that when you think about it, 2008 doesn’t really seem that far long ago, and yet more than a decade has passed since 2008.

Just let that sink in for a little while. Ten years. Ten!

We know.

Whether you were still in high school, a freshie making your first career steps, babying over an adolescent that is now a young adult, or just living life in the time of vampires, sub-par reality television and digital camera selfies, a lot has changed since then.

Here are some of the most glaring differences.

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Reality Television.

Somehow as a collective nation we survived without The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The Block had been axed in 2004 and was awaiting its 2010 reboot, and MasterChef was still 12 months short of consuming the nation’s hearts and stomachs.

Instead the Biggest Loser was in its absolute ratings heyday. 2008 also saw the first year of So You Think You Can Dance and Australian Idol and X Factor were still kicking along.

Everybody was obsessed with Gossip Girl.

Without the combined powers of Netflix, Stan and Foxtel On Demand, there were only two or three shows that would seem to consume our attention at once. Bingeing had yet to enter our daily vernacular, and to watch more than three hours of television at once was frowned upon… weird.



However, there was one show are consumed both girls, teens and women and that was Gossip Girl.

Together we were mesmerised by the lives of these select Upper East Siders and all the brunches, shoes, headbands and drama of Blair Waldorf and Serene Van Der Woodsen.

People wore headbands…

The bigger the bow, the closer to Blair. Images via The CW Network.

Again, because of the Gossip Girl obsession as mentioned above, our love of Gossip Girl equated with the resurgence of headbands, and in this case, the bigger the better.


Adult women wore headbands in a throwback to our school girl days, and Alice-esque bows were stronger than ever. Outfits also got oddly preppy thanks to one Miss Blair Waldorf.

Vampires. Lots of vampires.

If you successfully raised an adolescent daughter who is probably now an adult, first off, congratulations, we hope it wasn't too difficult a process. And secondly, you're probably very familiar with the cast of Twilight and the saga of one Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

2008 was the year that vampires reigned supreme and we were all obsessed, regardless of age group, from the Twilight Saga, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood.

All the single ladies...

You tried to learn the dance... or at least some portion of it, and definitely busted out some variation of this move at a party or club. This song is ten years old now. TEN. YEARS. OLD.



Fun fact, back in 2008, people were still unsure as to how to pronounce quinoa, coconut oil was still relatively unknown, and only a very select portion of the world knew the use for a Chia seed.

Now, Chia seed pudding is eaten by toddlers, raw food is a specific food category and not and is a cafe even worth going to if they don't serve at least three types of alternative mylks?

No, they are not.

Our relationship with our phones.

Ten years ago, phones were a communication device and not an extension of our appendage and the 'screen-free' challenges weren't a thing because nobody was addicted... yet.



Instead 2008 was the year Apple dropped their very highly anticipated Iphone 3G and forever changed the career trajectories of aspiring social media influences and future street-style stars and bloggers.

On the other hand, our thumbs were probably 24.7% weaker from the lack of individual scroll.

How we took selfies.

Something as ubiquitous as the selfie was still considered a vanity mark in 2008. Front facing camera hadn't been heralded in by Apple, and people mostly still took photos of themselves with digital camera.

Now look how far we've come.

Australian politics was still relatively stable.

2008, back when the word 'spill' was reserved for drinks and not Prime-ministerial election tactics. Images via Getty.

Before we played musical chairs with national leaders, and prime ministers ate raw onions on live television, 2008 was a relatively docile year in Australian politics. It was the year after the 2007 federal election that saw Kevin Rudd supersede John Howard's 11 year run at Prime minister. Howard was also the last prime minister to have served for two full terms.

Obama was still president.


2008 was a much more comforting time in global politics. Obama was still president and Donald Trump was judging Celebrity Apprentice and staying far, far away from international politics.

It was a good time. We miss that time.

Can we please go back to that time?

Kylie Jenner looked very different.

Kylie Jenner's transformation
Yep...Image via Getty and Instagram.

Needless to say that the faces of the Kardashian and Jenner clan have morphed drastically over the years, but Kylie Jenner's evolution is particularly startling.

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Kardashians in general...

Back when the world was still recovering from the speckled rhinestone visage of Paris Hilton, ten years ago, the Kardashians were only beginning their reign.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was only in its second season, and the world, our Instagram feeds and pop culture in general had no idea what was coming for them. Nobody had their own apps, all parties were unmarried and without children and the sisters still counted managing Dash as a key part of their job description. Those were simpler times.

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