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Our favourite Aussie bloggers on babies, budgets, bugs and brownies

iBlog Friday is our weekly roundup of the best of Aussie parenting bloggers. These writers will take us through all the highlights and lowlights of their parenting adventure this past week, including letting go of baby-stage, spontaneity, money and diets.

Lauren Matheson of Create, Bake, Make is having trouble letting go of baby stage in her post Growing Up.

You see, I am having trouble letting go of my ‘baby’ this time around.  At almost eight months, he is still sleeping in a cot right beside my bed…. as in so close I can just reach out and touch him through the night.  There is no real reason for him to still be sleeping in our room, he no longer feeds through the night and is sleeping through.

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Rebecca Stephens of Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting tries to teach her son about the real value of money in her most How much is enough.

He accepts (albeit begrudgingly) that Mummy and Daddy have to go to work to earn money so that we can pay for things like food and electricity so we can turn lights on and watch television (he has his priorities).

The other day he started putting all this together and became a little worried.

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Louisa Simmonds of My Midlife Mayhem embarks on a strict diet and comes to some surprise conclusions in her post 25 diet questions you want to ask.

I recently started your ‘How To Be Really Miserable Without Even Trying’ diet, but have since noticed some worrying side effects. As I am aware that not all diets suit every body-type, because each person has a different metabolism and physiology, please would you reassure me that this is the right diet for me by answering the following questions.

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Keri Arkell of Awesomely Unprepared attempts to curb the spread of gastro in her home in her post Quarantined.


This is Kez. Reporting to you from the danger zone. What is the danger zone? The danger zone is that place you exist in where you’ve just recovered from a nasty bout of gastro (probably triggered from some dodgy food which you have sworn off forever and ever and ever and ever), your husband has just come down with the same thing and your toddler is the last (little) man standing.

Yes. That’s right. The DANGER ZONE.

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Mel Kettle of The Cook's Notebook share her health scare in her post Slip, slop, slap.

A few days before Christmas I went under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Not for a boob job. Not for a tummy tuck. Not for a butt lift. Although apparently if I do want any of those procedures, I am EXACTLY the right age for them. At 43. Sheesh!

No, my thigh was sliced open and a malignant melanoma was removed.

I must say, the ABSOLUTE  last thing I expected to be told the week before Christmas was “you have a malignant melanoma and I’ve booked you in to see a plastic surgeon”. Um, what?

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Eva Lewis of The Multitasking Mummy reveals her biggest fear in life in her post Why I'm no longer banking my brownie points.

As I sat in my psychologists little room staring at her piles of psychology journals and floral couches, I wondered what we were going to talk about today. I wondered how much information I was going to divulge with her and if I'd get all emotional like I did during our last session, when the tissues needed to be pulled out.
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Susan Taylor of One Woman Circus realises that despite the fact her husband isn't in the armed forces, she has somehow managed to become a war widow in her post I never thought I'd be a war widow.
Ok, so I don't have a husband in the army and he is in fact alive and well at present. But I have lost him. I've lost BF.
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Toni of Finding Myself Young shares the insight she has made over the past few, busy months in her post Cherish every moment.
Over the past month the topic of 'last firsts' (as Cate calls it) has popped up a few times in my life. Friends who have had their last baby are experiencing their last ever lot of baby first moments (thus the term last firsts). The last first smile, last first giggle, last first steps etc. More importance seems to be placed on these milestones because they know they will be the last ones. Some of them are quite sad about it, but are also quite certain that they have completed their family. It is a necessary, yet emotional, phase all mothers must eventually go through.
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Renee Wilson of Mummy, Wife, Me explains exactly how having children has affected her routine in her post Ruled by routine.

I realised recently that I’ve forgotten what winging it is like, what doing things on the spur of the moment is like. Since I’ve had kids, I’ve clung to my schedule, our routines, the familiarity for dear life. It makes me feel safe and in control. I focus on what I know will get me through the day with as little stress as possible. I focus on keeping everything and everyone calm, happy, and in control. I keep it local and that keeps us sane.

Since our semi-disastrous first family holiday though, I’ve felt I owe it to the girls to broaden their horizons. With Smiley (14 months) sleeping less during the day and Curly-locks (three) generally well behaved, I think we may be ready to mix things up a little.

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