'Diet avocados' have been created. How the heck did we get here?

To most reasonable human beings, the avocado is the perfect fruit.

They’re so versatile they can be eaten at any meal (even dessert!), they are small and portable and most importantly: very, very tasty.

The only thing an avocado ever did wrong was perhaps be a little bit on the expensive side. Or perhaps send someone to the emergency room.

(Oh, and they may be the cause of an entire generation of Australians being unable to afford to buy a home…)

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For the most part, we’re not sure why someone would ever want to ‘improve’ the humble avocado.

But that’s exactly what one Spanish company has done, announcing they have created an actual “diet” avocado.

Euboanan’s Isla Bonita brand says their ‘new and improved’ avo has a “mild” flavour, a “juicier” pulp and only 70 per cent of the fat content of ‘regular’ avocados.

diet avocado
Meet the 'diet' avocado. Image via Isla Bonita.

The officially named 'Avocado Light' has been given the seal of approval from the Spanish Hearth Foundation’s Food Health Programme and is also thought to ripen faster but oxidise (i.e. turn brown and mushy) slower.

The Avocado Light will be unveiled later this month at a produce trade show in Madrid, but there are no plans to make the diet version available outside of Spain just yet.

Just in case, we'll be ordering an extra serving of full-fat smashed avo this weekend while we still can...