Sam hasn't announced her engagement. But Sasha shared equally big news.

Fans can’t stop staring at Sam Frost’s latest Instagram, wondering if the reality TV star turned radio host accidentally announced her engagement to Bachelorette winner, Sasha Mielczarek.

The latest post, which is at first glance a seamingly innocent shot of a quiet Sunday night in, has sparked a frenzy of comments from fans who are wondering if a Bachelorette wedding is on the cards.

Perfect Sunday night. Home with my babe ❤️ @sash1313 via snapchat: fro01

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on Jun 12, 2016 at 3:51am PDT

Because we have too much time on our hands, we’ve made it a little easier for you. Check it out:

"Sam is that an engagement ring on your finger? If so congratulations," one commenter asked. "Is that an engagement ring?!" and "Did you get engaged???? Congratulations!!!!!!!" were just a few of the other over-excited comments coming from fans.

However, some are pointing out that the mirror shot may actually reverse the entire shot, meaning the ring might in fact be on her right finger.

Watch Sasha confess his love for Sam on The Bachelorette. Post continues after video...
Video via Channel 10

However while we impatiently await comment from Queen Bachelorette herself for the engagement news, there is something else equally exciting that CAN be confirmed.

The pair have purchased a block of land they plan to build their dream home on.

"Looking forward to throwing up some bricks and mortar in the near future!" Sasha captioned the image with.

The couple have been together since the finale was filmed in the middle of last year, going public with their romance when the finale aired last October.