People are very suspicious about this mystery mess that appeared at Rafael Nadal's feet.

Nothing crowds your Facebook and Twitter feeds more than the results of a huge sporting grand final.

Take last night’s epic Australian Open men’s final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The amount of news flooding every website and social media page about the result can be likened to shuffling onto a crowded train at peak hour and trying to avoid making physical contact with another human. You can’t possibly do anything to avoid it.

But there is one ‘conspiracy’ we’ve spotted online that simply cannot be ignored.

Apparently, there was a mysterious ‘splatter’ that appeared on court during the fifth set of last night’s battle and…well, people are very, very suspicious.

nadal splatter
WHAT....WHAT IS THAT?! Image via Channel 7.

Just before serving, Nadal called over a ball boy to clean up a brown-reddish mess that had appeared at his feet.

Twitter, of course, offered up a number of explanations for the puddle.



Whether it was his mess or not, Nadal apologised to the ball boy who had the less-than-glamorous task of cleaning up the splatter.

And then he got right back to his game, because no one's got time to be embarrassed when a championship is at stake.