Matty J finally addresses if he and Elora slept together on that overnight date.

As the Bachelor, Matty Johnson was a perfect gentleman, but a persistent question as to whether he had slept with contestant Elora Murger threatened to undo his upstanding image.

It was even the subject of a special Mamamia investigation, performed by our own international Bachelor super fan, Zara McDonald.

Now, in his first post-Bachelor interview on KIIS FM the marketing manager was grilled by hosts Hughesy and Jackie O on what actually happened that night, addressing the rumour for the first time.

And guys, now we know once and for all he didn’t have sex with Elora – but he was tempted.

“Did I sleep with Elora? I did not, no,” Matty told Jackie and Hughesy, who was filling in for an unwell Kyle Sandilands.

Jackie prodded the reality star further, asking him, “Was it tempting?”

“Yeah, you know when you have a really great date with somebody and you know the option is there, it does enter your mind. But it was an easy decision to say no to that and to be in separate rooms.”

This is all while Laura is sitting right next to him, something that we can only imagine would be slightly awkward.

However, showcasing her laid-back personality, the jewellery designer said, “Well, she’s a babe and he’s a red hot blooded male so I would expect there was temptation there.”


And since the Kyle and Jackie O show not the kind of program to hold back on the sex talk, the hosts allowed a listener to ask the Matty and Laura how soon after the finale they played “hide the sausage”.

Listen: Michelle and Zara recap The Bachelor finale. (Post continues after audio.)

While Matty joked it was seconds after shutting the door to their Thailand hotel room, Laura clarified that wasn’t quite how their first time went down.

“That’s not even true. We ate a massive bowl of spaghetti bolognese and then we played the game hide the sausage,” Laura said, keeping up the G-rated euphemism.

Their interview wasn’t just smut-talk though, the couple shared how happy they are to have their relationship status known after months spent in what felt like a “long distance” relationship.

“We could call each other every night, but we only get to see each other out every four or five weeks,” Matty said.

“And the hardest part is that I knew Laura was only 10 minutes down the road.”

Now there’s nothing keeping these two Sydney-siders apart.


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