Did Kyle Sandilands just body shame Jackie O on air?

This morning, popular radio personality Jackie Henderson (AKA, Jackie O) spoke candidly about her relationship with her body — and her co-host Kyle Sandilands responded by telling her she had a “weird-shaped body”.

Yes, that happened.

During a ‘fit or fat’ segment on the duo’s KIIS 106.5 radio program, the 40 year old said she weighed 65 kilograms.

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“You’ve got that weird-shaped body, Jackie, where you look fit from the waist up… but from the legs down you look great,” was Sandilands’ confusing response. Things got even murkier as the conversation went on and the shock jock attempted to clarify what that meant.

“Well, where is my problem?” Henderson asked.

Kyle and Jackie O (via Instagram)


"Just around that whole... I don't know. You dress so well I can't really tell," he replied.

Although that comment alone would earn an eye-roll from many of us, Henderson didn't seem to take offence, saying, "Long jackets, that's my thing."

The mum of one has spoken of her body image concerns on-air in the past. Late last year, she recalled wanting to cover up her body while on holiday in Fiji with husband Lee Henderson and their young daughter Kitty.

“We went to Fiji for a week and I was not bikini ready at all. I’m so embarrassed about being in a bikini at the moment so what I do is I wear a dress [into the pool],” she told Sandilands at the time.

“I wear this netted dress as I descend, and as I get deeper I start taking [it] off so people won’t see [my body]. The resort has a pool that everyone hangs in and all the banana lounges are set up around so it’s almost like you’re on show when you go in.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Obviously, Kyle Sandilands is well aware his colleague isn't always 100 per cent confident in the way she looks, which is why his comments this morning seem particularly unkind. It's possible he meant well and just expressed himself clumsily — but he also has a history of toeing the body-shaming line, if not hurling himself right across it.


In a 'Random Acts of Kindness' promotional clip last year, the 44-year-old was filmed having flowers sent to a maternity ward. That all sounds rather nice, but then he opened his mouth.

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"There you go Mums: you’ve got some flowers, had a baby, what else do you want? Now all you have got to do is three years on the treadmill to get that pre-baby body back in shape — and let’s face it, most of you are going to fail at that, but good luck trying," he said to the camera.

"Because life is about trying, it's not about being thin - although thin is better."

Jackie, we reckon you look great.


Again, this was potentially an attempt at humour. But again, it was cruel and entirely unnecessary — just like that time in 2009 when he said Magda Szubanski would lose weight more effectively "in a concentration camp". And that time when he referred to a female journalist as a "fat slag".

Yep, Kyle Sandilands really needs to stop talking about women's bodies.

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This also isn't the first time Jackie O's weight has been needlessly targeted on-air. In 2012, two of her Austereo colleagues staged an "intervention" in which she was challenged to lose six kilograms and six weeks, or risk having a bikini-clad 'before' shot released online.

How... lovely.

Have you ever been body shamed? Do you think Kyle response was out of line, or just came out wrong?