The fight you didn't see on The Block last night

What had our writer Avi screaming at the TV last night? This.

Warning: I am a complete Block-obsessed fan. I watch it every night and mourn the nights it isn’t on.

So last night, I may or may not have been screaming at the TV.

Let me explain to the less-obsessed.

This season on The Block, there are two couples who are fans (just like me) and two couples who are past contestants. The past contestants are Dale and Brad (a mesh of two couples ’cause clearly their wives said “Hell, no” to ever going back on The Block) and The Twins (Alisa and Lysandra). The reason they are known as The Twins and not by their names is because you can barely tell the difference between them (even though they have conveniently dyed their hair different colours this season).

And I have loved The Twins since they first appeared on my television last season. I love their competitive nature (it is a competition, people), their sense of style and how they chuck tantrums and throw high-fives all within the same episode.  They are also the couple most likely to threaten to walk off the show (don't worry, they never do).

But this season, they have been getting bad scores from the judges. Particularly Judge Shaynna Blaze (who is a pretty tough judge). The Twins took the low scores as specifically targeting them (even though they won in Week 1). And they threatened, and they were really really really serious this time, that they would walk off the show. Their reputation as The Block Winners just couldn't take it any more. Drama, drama, drama.

And because I didn't want them to leave, I screamed at Judge Shaynna to be nice. And it worked. They won "Kitchen Week", even scoring a 9 and a half out of 10 from Judge Shaynna. Needless to say, there was a party out my house. Mostly just me bouncing on the couch and clapping while my sleeping dogs and husband looked at me as if I had gone nuts.

The Twins were finally happy. Grinning ear to ear.

Or so I thought.

This morning News Corp are reporting that The Twins are still hating on Shaynna.

They say they are still fuming about the previous weeks of low scores (mainly coming from Judge Shaynna). And they won't let get the 5 out of 10 for last weeks main bathroom from Judge Shaynna (this season's lowest score).

Considered the "room that sells the house", The Twins scored the best comments of the night:

“The girls are back, this isn't a cook’s kitchen, it’s a chef’s kitchen,” Judge Shaynna said. While Judge Neale Whittaker added, “In terms of scale and proportion, they've got it right. It feels contemporary but it doesn't feel trendy.”

Despite the high scores and great comments, The Twins are still stuck in the past according to News Corp.

Alisa says, “Shaynna’s always been really hard on us. Everyone we meet on the street says that (5 out of 10 for last week’s bathroom) is ridiculous — and we feel the same way. When Neale and Darren (are scoring higher) of course you start to go ‘what’s her problem — she’s obviously got some kind of biffo with us. After three weeks in a row you get to a point where you go — come on, and three weeks in a row she was really hard on us. We got a seven, a seven, and a five (in Main Bathroom Week). We had been doubting ourselves because of the (low) scores we've been getting and comments we've been getting."

To that I say, fair enough. Getting low scores week after week is tough. But there can only be one winner a week. So to The Twins: Stop living in the past (even if it makes for great drama). Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what Judge Shaynna says. Whoever is going to buy your place is the opinion that matters.

So, over to you. Who do you think should've won? And if you can't remember, CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see all four kitchens: