The 'Thirst Trap' is the new dating trend taking over your Instagram feed.

OK. There’s a new passive aggressive dating trend you need to be aware of.

If you’re single, obviously this applies to you. But it’s relevant for everyone. Yes, even you married or in-a-long-term-relationship people. And especially you guys over there with kids.

It’s called the ‘Thirst Trap” and, apparently, millennials are planting them on Instagram left, right and centre.

The practice was brought to our attention by an eagle-eyed Twitter dweller, who was very, very deep in Demi Lovato’s Instagram activity and noticed a peculiar pattern of behaviour.

A thorough investigation ensued, which determined a series of events between the pop singer and, randomly, Superman actor, Henry Cavill, was in fact an expertly executed case of ‘Thirst Trapping’.

So, what the hell is Thirst Trapping?

So glad you asked.


The ‘Thirst Trap’

At a top line level, a ‘Thirst Trap’ is a… well, it’s a trap where one individual lures and traps another individual into following them online and seeing their attractive selfies.

Think of it as the digital social media age equivalent of when Cady kept asking Aaron Samuels for help with Calculus, even though she was a maths genius and he had no idea.

Image: Universal.

Now, let's go a little deeper and look at the Demi Lovato Thirst Trap case study to find out exactly how one plants a Thirst Trap, and how you or someone you love could be falling into them without even knowing.

It's quite simple, there are only two parts.

Part One: Setting the trap


As you'll see in the above Instagram stalking screenshot exhibit of investigative journalism, the first step of setting a 'Thirst Trap' is cyber-reaching out to the person you're keen on and showing some interest. It normally takes the form of a 'follow' (on Instagram), and liking a few of their photos.

As Demi has done, this boosts the target's self-esteem and lulls them into a fluffy cloud of feel good endorphins and sexual desirability.

But this next bit is the key. One must simultaneously share a photo of themselves - a sexy photo - at the exact same time as liking their target's photos.

Which leads us to....

Part Two: Catching your prey



Once the trap is set, all that's left to do is watch the prey fall victim to your well laid plans.

Because the attention you initially showed them will lead them like a horse to water right into your trap, prompting them to go onto your profile and take a casual peak at your profile.

Which BAM, happens to have a ridiculously sexy pic right up the top for them to look at, like and comment.


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Just like that, you've caught your prey, and you are on their radar.

Generally speaking, the next step is spending hours and hours posting flirty Instagram comments on each other's photos, followed by sliding into each other's DMs and bantering back and forth about nothing of real importance. Rarely does the conversation translate into a real life date or catch up, but if the stars align, it might just be the start of something magical.

What a time to be alive.

Have you ever Thirst Trapped someone? Or have you been caught in a Thirst Trap unwittingly?