You can now buy perfume that smells like a baby's head.

Image via Demeter

Fragrance brand Demeter are known for their unusually named scents. From “Sex on the Beach” to “Dirt” and “Wet Garden” they were the first brand to really encapsulate smells like freshly washed clothes (“Laundromat”) and mown grass (“Grass”) in a bottle.

If you were a teenager in the ’90s you probably remember squirting on the risqué scents like “Between the Sheets” at your local chemist. Since then the brand has been steadfastly adding to their collection, which now boasts a whopping 318 fragrances. And their newest one is a doozy.

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Next month, the brand will release “Baby’s Head,” a scent they’ve reportedly been working on for years. Sure it sounds creepy, but I get it, I totally do.

One of the first things Mia Freedman, the publisher of The Glow, did when I brought my newborn into work was sniff her head. I wasn’t even taken aback at this some might say creepy act. Over the two years I’d worked with her I’d heard her talking so many times before about how much she loves how a newborn’s head smells.

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For the not-so-clucky among us, a newborn baby’s head smells a little like baby powder mixed with um, sour breast milk. If you’ve never smelt it you can’t imagine it being magical. Heck, I’ve been down that road and I can’t remember that combination ever smelling good.

But this isn't the brand's first foray into babydom. Demeter has previously released "Baby Powder," a fragrance inspired by Johnson & Johnson's talcum Baby Powder. Demeter describe it as “As clean and fresh as it gets, just like the proverbial freshly powdered baby’s bottom.”

Hmm, I don't know about you but I’d rather smell like a baby’s head than a baby’s bottom – no matter how clean it is. You?