Delta Goodrem reportedly quit The Voice over claims of bullying.

Despite appearing rosy and friendly onscreen, Delta Goodrem is said to have quit The Voice last year after being poorly treated by fellow mentors Jessie J, Joel Madden and Benji Madden.

According to Women’s Day, the 31-year-old singer stormed off during blind auditions saying that the “bullying” from her fellow co-workers was too much to take.

Team The Voice 2016. Source: Instagram.

According to a source close to the show, problems came after Ricky Martin's departure, and despite finding a stellar replacement in Ronan Keating, the channel were worried about the idea of the contest no longer having any local talent as a mentor.

"The show had already lost Ricky Martin due to his recording and touring commitments and then, in what's seen as a crippling blow, Delta quit!" a source close to the show said.

"Shine executives had no choice but to go cap in hand to Delta in emergency negotiations," they continued.

Delta Goodrem on the set of The Voice. Source: Instagram.

It was in these emergency negotiations that the source says that the Neighbours alumni went from earning a cool $800,000 per season to a whopping $2 million.


A pay rise of $1.2 million isn't bad for a day's work. But according to the unnamed source, the demands didn't stop there.

"Part of the deal was that Nine had to guarantee Jessie J and the Maddens would calm down their criticisms of her on set and they were all briefed about the situation by executive producers from Nine and Shine."

Jessie J and Benji Madden on set of The Voice. Source: Instagram.

The frosty friendship between Goodrem and J has been known for some time, but it was previously understood that the two had reached a professionally beneficial medium, with both respecting one another's achievements and impressive careers.

Time to see what this season throws up!

Delta belts it out behind the scenes on last year's season of The Voice... 

Video via The Voice