Delta Goodrem is being slammed on social media for daring to do her job.

Delta Goodrem just did something so unusual, so unexpected and so mind blowing – that it sparked mass outrage on social media.

On last night’s episode of The Voice, the 32-year-old acted like she was some kind of judge on a televised singing competition. I mean, what?

She behaved like someone was paying her to listen to aspiring singers perform and critique their singing voices.

When Brisbane law student Liz Conde sang Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You on last night’s episode, Delta was just not that into it. So in a judge-like fashion she critiqued the performance.


Delta shook her head and said ‘no’ throughout the performance and when it was finished, she gave Conde a little feedback.

“You know what, I don’t want to bring down the mood (but) I found that a little confusing,” she said to Conde.

“I found that quite hard to connect to,” Goodrem explained. “I feel like there’s a little bit of instinct missing. The exciting news is that means you’ve got so much more to grow from. You know, there’s a lot to work on.”

When Conde left the stage, Delta turned to her fellow judges – Kelly Rowland and Boy George – and said, “Everything about that was my least favourite performance”.

It seems like fair commentary from someone who’s paid to be a reality TV judge, but viewers of The Voice were not impressed with Delta’s feedback. They expressed their disappointment in Delta on social media and some of them got a little bit personal.





Please don’t make Kelly and Delta have cat fights on The Voice this year. Post continues…

 This is not the first time Delta has come under fire during this season of The Voice, but the singer recently told The Daily Telegraph that the online hate was “just water off a duck’s back”.

Do you think Delta’s feedback was fair?