"That bandwagon has sailed". Delta Goodrem has a message for those who love to hate her.

Image: Delta comes in peace, haters (via Getty).

Delta Goodrem is one of the Australian music industry’s biggest (and youngest) success stories, with a stack of ARIAs, number ones and platinum-selling albums to her name.

Yet for some reason, the 30-year-old has become something of a national punching bag. Throughout her stint as a judge on The Voice, she’s been mocked and bullied by hundreds of armchair critics on social media.

That kind of criticism would be enough to shake even the most confident people to the core, but Goodrem has come out firing with a message for her detractors: she doesn’t really give a shit.

“There have been moments of total vitriol, but now I have an absolute cackle when we see things. A few years ago I was targeted, but everyone has a troll; it would be boring to single me out,” she says in the October issue of Vogue Australia, due to hit newsstands soon.

“I say to people this year: ‘You’d be really late to hate — that bandwagon has sailed’.”


The Born to Try singer also said she thinks her critics have been blown out of proportion; that for every 100 people who send “beautiful things”, the spotlight always shines on the two negatives.

However, she hasn’t been immune to the emotional blow of such deeply personal attacks. In a 60 Minutes segment back in 2012, when the first season of The Voice Australia aired, Goodrem said while everyone is entitled to an opinion she doesn’t consider herself offensive or “fake”. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I’ve been hurt because I hate that my sincerity would be questioned — I’m not quite sure where that comes from. It confuses me and it’s been a bit heartbreaking because I only want to do the best thing for everyone,” she told the program.


These days, it seems Goodrem’s been able to stand back and take a more philosophical view of the whole spectacle.

“I’m not sure why I’m someone who evokes so much conversation, through it’s been quite fascinating for me. I was like that at school, too, so I have to own it and laugh at things that I can’t control,” she tells Vogue.

Goodrem with her Voice co-judge Jessie J (Instagram)

Ultimately, she says, music and her belief in the good of people are what continues to drive her. It's hard to argue with that.

Goodrem also opened up about how her time on The Voice has allowed her to tap into the essence of who she is, and not shy away from letting that out. She credits her friend and former Voice judge Seal for teaching her about her femininity, and the things she "couldn't see at the time but later on could see". (Post continues after video.)

With everything that's happening in her career right now — including her upcoming role in the musical Cats — it's easy to forget that Goodrem's overcome a lot in her life. Haters, take note.

Are you a Delta Goodrem fan? Do you think she's unfairly targeted?

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