Nobody's hair can grow this fast in 8 weeks... can it?

Images: Instagram

This week, Delta Goodrem shared an Instagram video that confused us a little bit. Not because it featured anything remotely complex, but because we got all excited thinking she’d had a big haircut.

Here’s a screengrab from the footage in question:

'That hair is all piecey and freshly-cut,' we thought. But then we started looking a little closer at the Aussie singer's Instagram profile, which is how the confusion started.

Kate Bosworth just chopped off all her hair.

You see, the length of Delta's hair has been seriously yo-yoing over the past few months. And before you say anything, yes, we're aware that hair naturally, you know, grows.

But check this out.

Five months ago, Delta's hair was sitting pretty at Lob length (not even Delts could resist the haircut of 2014):

Two months later, it looked like this. Even with Wolverine-strength growing power, nobody's hair can grow that much that fast in the course of 8 weeks... can it?

By November, Delta's hair was officially Mermaid Length, and rather voluminous and luscious. By this point, we have our suspicions that DG's hair growth has benefited from a little bit of... help along the way.


Then, it December, it was slightly shorter.

Then, three days before she shared her latest video, it had seemingly returned to the mermaid proportions of November:

First things first: Delta Goodrem's hair is the stuff of wonders. She wears every length and style like it's nobody's business. Good for you, lady.

But how does one woman achieve all these different lengths over the course of a few months?


Does Delts have a veritable library of hair extensions in her house?

Does she have a different weave applied every week? Does she get long extensions, then get bored and chop them off, then replace them with an even longer set?


The secret of thick hair is that everyone is faking it

Does she simply own a supercharged growth serum that she's illegally imported?

Is it witchcraft?

Whatever it is, we want in.

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