Delta Goodrem showed her dark side on The Voice last night.

Forget the voices — it was was Delta Goodrem‘s hair that had us captivated last night.

As contestants battled it out in the ring, The Voice judge showed off her dark side — of her hair, that is.

Goodrem’s signature balayage was nowhere to be seen, replaced by a rich chocolate brown colour.

  It’s the darkest we’ve seen the 31-year-old’s hair in a long time, although our watchful eye has noticed a few subtle changes over the past few months. Perhaps she was testing out the waters?

With the weather getting colder so very quickly, we’ve hit the time of year where many people choose to take the plunge and go darker.

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In an episode were many felt criticism of the female judges‘ outfits went too far, Goodrem’s fans were definitely feeling her hair.

“Loving your hair you’re absolutely gorgeous,” one wrote, while another added, “Can we have a close up of your hair? Loving the colour!’

It’s #TeamJD YO! ????????✌️???? #TheVoiceAu A photo posted by The Voice Australia (@thevoiceau) on May 29, 2016 at 3:37am PDT

One thing’s for sure – the dark side is calling us.

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Are you contemplating a dark hair change?