Delta Goodrem shares the 6 beauty rules she swears by.

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Delta Goodrem is an Aussie icon, gracing the screen and stage for over two decades – and has nine no.1 singles, five no.1 albums, 17 top 10 hits, 12 ARIA Awards, a Silver Logie and three World Music Awards all under her belt. 

She’s been busy. 

Despite her hectic schedule, there are a few compromises she won’t make: her beauty routine. And under the camera’s constant glare, the singer and actress has learned more than her fair share of beauty lessons over the years.


Mamamia caught up with Delta ahead of her upcoming lineup of European shows for the Hearts on the Run tour which kicks off next month, before she returns to our shores for the Innocent Eyes 20th Anniversary Tour (yes, it’s actually been 20 years already!). 

Delta shares her little golden nuggets of beauty advice with Mamamia.

The skin is where it begins.

There are three non-negotiables that are a part of Delta’s daily beauty routine – and they all focus on skin. 

“I like to moisturise and feel hydrated before I begin doing my makeup,” she says, adding, “wearing an SPF is also important.”

On the other end of the day, Delta still adheres to a pearl of wisdom offered by her mum. 

“I always wash off my makeup before I go to bed. My mum shared that with me when I was growing up, and it has always stuck with me.”

But foundation is the MVP.

On a day-to-day basis, Delta likes to keep her make-up simple with a more natural look. 

After moisturising and applying sunscreen, she reaches for the Revlon Illuminance Skin-Caring Foundation – “that is good for your skin!”


The foundation combines the benefits of make-up and skincare in one. With five per cent plant-derived squalane to lock in moisture and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, the formula is infused with powerful botanical antioxidants to fight free radicals. 

The result?  

Medium coverage and a radiant finish for smoother-looking skin and the reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just 4 weeks. 

Yas please!

The ride-or-die products.

We don’t mean to be pervy, but yes we do, so we asked Delta to tell us what other beauty products live in her make-up bag.


For the eyes, Delta loves a good eyelash curler and mascara, and to enhance them further, she lives for the Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 concealer.

“I discovered Revlon’s ColorStay longwear range many years ago when I was looking for makeup that I didn’t have to worry about constantly touching up” –particularly important when working long hours on set, or when out and about.

“I don’t want to worry about my makeup coming off or having to redo it throughout the day and the ColorStay makeup really does stay put. I can get ready in the morning and feel confident throughout the day that I continue to feel fresh.”

Rounding out her faves, Delta also loves a swash of a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick and a shpritz of her favourite scent. 

Express your true self. 

Delta is always keen to embrace new products, or experiment with different make-up techniques.

“When scouting new beauty products, I tend to be drawn towards products that enhance my natural features.” 

But ultimately, make-up “is a way of sharing who you are,” she says. 

“The rainbow of colours available to us through make-up allows us to connect to the different parts of being ourselves; embracing all the different sides of our personality.

“If you’re feeling sassy or want to be a little more neutral in your colours – if you feel like being bright and colourful – makeup is a way to express your personality.”


The home beauty hack she can’t live without.

Turns out that one of Delta’s top at-home beauty hacks is something that’s pretty darn cheap, and easily sourced. 

Good ‘ole H2O!

“When I drink lots of water, it changes everything in how I feel and how my skin feels,” she says. 

And in case you need reminding, Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily water intake of 2 litres for women (approx. 8 cups), and 2.6 litres for men (approx. 10 cups).

You’re welcome.

Delta also loves a LED light for her face, “and a great at home face mask”. 

Beauty comes from within.

Irrespective of skin and beauty rules, Delta strongly believes that true “beauty comes from within”.

“With a beautiful heart, you are perfectly beautiful inside and out.”


For Delta, the key to feeling most comfortable in her own skin is living a life of balance. 

“I enjoy being out in nature,” she says, sharing her enjoyment for walks. When relaxing at home, she takes joy in the simple things: diving into a show series or a home-cooked meal.

And of course, there’s always comfort found in music. 

“[I love] putting on my record player and listening to Frank Sinatra.”

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