TV ad starring Delta Goodrem criticised for depicting "unsafe behaviour".

An Apple Music television commercial starring Delta Goodrem has been censured by the advertising watchdog for depicting ‘unsafe’ behaviour.

The TV spot, which aired during the finale episode of The Voice, depicts the singer listening to music while riding as a passenger in an old BMW.

According to a report by the Advertising Standards Bureau, several viewers flagged the ad because it depicted the 32-year-old putting her arm and head outside the moving vehicle and seemingly “not wearing a seatbelt”.

“As a role model for young people this is setting a terrible example to young drivers and passengers at a time when statistics show us how at risk this age group is on the road,” wrote one complainant.

“This ad does not promote safe driving,” argued another.

The ad features Delta singing "Sit down" by Kendrick Lamar. Image: Apple.

Responding the complaints, Apple argued that it hadn't done anything to breach community standards on health and safety.

“The individuals in the vehicle were both wearing lap seat belts at all times while the vehicle was being driven, and the advertisement does not contain any images suggesting otherwise," the company said in a statement.

It also noted that a disclaimer had since been added to highlight the use of lap belts, and said the content would be edited to remove footage of Goodrem placing her body outside the car while it was in motion.

But it a case of too little too late for the ASB.

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In its determination, the watchdog argued that younger viewers would not have been able to reasonably determine that lap belts were fitted to the vintage car and were being worn by the driver and Goodrem.

"Overall the Board considered that the lack of clear signs that seatbelts are being worn and the depiction of a passenger in a moving vehicle with parts of their body external to the car are a breach of Prevailing Community Standards on health and safety around traveling in motor vehicles," it wrote.

While Apple said it was "disappointed" by the decision it complied, and directed networks to pull the commercial from broadcast until the necessary edits were made.

The ruling comes less than a fortnight after Goodrem reportedly had her license suspended for speeding offences.