"I regret inviting people to watch me give birth."

Who did you have in the delivery room with you? Doctors and nurses? Your partner? Your whole family?

A mum-to-be, known only as UnderpaidMilkmaid, has taken to Reddit to ask for advice in dealing with a delivery room regret.

In her first trimester, she invited half of her family to be present in the delivery room with her as she gave birth.

delivery room regrets
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But as her pregnancy wore on, she had a change of heart - and she now wants to take back her invite.

Oh dear...

She wrote:

When I was in my first trimester and not thinking clearly I pretty much invited half of my brood to witness me labour and subsequently squeeze life through my vagina and I'm now regretting it. Recently I've been experiencing some painful BH (braxton hicks contractions) and during those I don't want anyone to f*cking touch me or talk to me. I've told my husband this who totally gets this and says that I don't have to have anyone there if I don't want, just him and I. The problem is my mum, MIL, SIL and the rest of the circus are sensitive souls and will probably take that as a direct affront. I'm almost tempted to just go into labour and not tell anyone and then just say that it wasn't a priority to send for reinforcements (except for my mum I guess who has been designated as our toddler wrangler). Is that shitty? Or should I just bite the bullet and tell everyone to turn in their front row tickets to the show?

Fellow Redditors weighed into the debacle with helpful advice.


blabbypopper suggested: "I would probably just be upfront and tell them that the reality of giving birth is hitting you and that you would rather it just be you and your husband in the room. If they give you shit for it or don't get it, just don't tell them when you're going into labour."

greengleam wrote: "Being in the room is not about witnessing a birth, it's about supporting mum through labour and delivery. Whoever you feel can best support you is who should be there. I would hope most people would understand that."

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hersheykiss7761 shared: "I would tell them you spoke to your doctor and you found out the hospital only allows 1-2 support people."

And ckillgannon added: "The nurses can be the bad guys, too. My mum showed up drunk when I was in labour. I told the nurses we didn't want her in the room and they played bouncer."

Eek. It's an awkward one. We hope she can find a solution without creating too much family drama...

Who did you have in the delivery room with you?

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