The television show that changed your life. Go.

Regardless of whether you think we all watch too much television, you have to admit that TV makes a big impact on our lives. While we might like to believe that it’s great literature or classical music that shapes our society, we all know that the Simpsons and Gossip Girl wield a tad more cultural influence. (For better or for worse!)

Join our favourite Mamamia personalities as they share what television shows have impacted their lives (including those that have taken over their life) while they share a beer at Watsons Bay Hotel. And yes, Oprah came up.



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Have a beer on us! 

The wonderful people at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel are giving one lucky reader a $100 voucher. Comment below and let us know which one of life’s little problems you are going to solve over a beer with friends for your chance to win! (Sorry under 18-year-olds, your entries aren’t considered eligible, for obvious reasons.) 

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