These photos of celebrities in highschool are a tonic for your soul.

We are so glad Photoshop never got to you. So glad.

This week a highschool in Victoria was busted for using Photoshop to remove pimples, monobrows and the odd facial piercing from the faces of its students.

Now there are plenty of reasons why this is a terrible idea, including the fact that it destroys the self esteem of kids and all sorts of terrible stuff.

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But there is another very, very good reason why we should never ever let school photographers to airbrush the blemishes of students.

Because if we did, we would miss out on these amazing photos of celebrities in their gloriously awkward high-school days.

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Who knew that slightly dorky, shy guy in the back of the class could have turned out to be the mighty silver fox that George Clooney is today.

Scroll through the gallery and see for yourself…