The day of the week people most people want to have sex.


There are few things more interesting than reading about other people’s sexual habits.

Recent data pulled from Instacart, an online grocery delivery service, has examined the days of the week that people are most likely to purchase condoms.

And the funny thing about condoms is that they are MOSTLY used in a sexual capacity.

Of course, there are some who might use them as water balloons, or to just like.. play with, unfortunately this study did not acknowledge either of those possibilities.

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It was found that condom purchases spike during weekend, with the most popular day to engage in sexy time being Sundays.

This is corroborated by a British study conducted earlier this year of 2,000 people, which found that Sunday morning was the most popular time during the week to engage in intercourse, with Saturday a close second.

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The least popular day is, unsurprisingly, Monday. Mostly because Mondays are hell on earth and the average human spends the whole day desperately trying to not stab their eyes out with blunt forks, which isn’t always the biggest turn on.

It would also appear that ‘hump day’ is extremely misleading, given that condom purchases plummet mid-week. Yeah. No one is humping.

It must be said, of course, that lesbians probably aren’t purchasing condoms prior to sex, so they could be on a completely different schedule. Hell  – they might love a Monday morning session (unlikely).

The study is bad news for employers, because it has been found that regular sex makes for more productive workers.

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