I'm re-watching Dawson's Creek as an adult and it's EVEN BETTER the second time around.

I have two words for you.


I know there’s a lotta good TV out there at the moment, guys. I know all the cool kids are watching Netflix shows I’ve never heard of. But sometimes, I don’t wanna wait…. for my life to be over. I want to know right now…. what will it be?

So I’ve gone back and started watching Dawson’s Creek from season 1, episode 1. And you should know this, friends:

It’s EVEN BETTER the second time around.

The opening music. The boys kicking around in oversized jeans and button up short-sleeved shirts.  The baby face of Katie Holmes,  pre-Tom Cruise, pre-Suri, pre her friendship with Victoria Beckham, pre-Scientology.  Michelle Williams pre-Heath Ledger and Matilda. Baby doll dresses and that hair where you slick it all back but leave the two bits hanging out at the side. It was a MAGIC TIME people.

This week on Mamamia Out Loud I argued the case to watch it back. HARD. Mia Freedman did NOT agree. Listen here:

I’m only through the first few eps. So there’s a way to go.  But the most surprising thing, though, is how watching it 18 years later changes your feelings in some REALLY BIG WAYS.

The setting, the soundtrack, the ridiculous, superfluous verbosity of teenagers is all still there. It’s all MUCH better than I remembered. But then there were six surprising differences:

1. I LOVE Dawson.

First time around,  I hated Dawson. His stupid hair. His massive head. Those eyebrows. His overblown vocabulary and dogged determination to be the next Spielberg. His puppy-dog-fawning over Joey, and his emotions over his life, despite having a privileged upbringing in an idyllic lake-house mansion.


But now? Something’s happened.

He’s so earnest. He’s so passionate about films, about his craft, about his career. He’s so in love with Joey and his puppy-dog eyes are no longer sappy – they’re adorable. His vocabulary is excellent. His text messages would be grammatically perfect. He’d be the kind of guy that had savings, a share portfolio, his car would always be clean. And his hair isn’t that bad.


Who wore it better? 

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  2. Pacey isn’t so crash hot any more.  Controversial I know. Because first time round, I was FIRMLY team Pacey. His face was front and centre on my year-nine diary. His poster? Prime position on my wall. He was the Hamish Blake of his time. I STILL look at his face and want to madly pash him. But watching back season one, I can’t help but think; Pacey Witter, you’re a nuffy. Yeah, you’re hot, but what happens when your looks fade, Pace? What will you be doing in 15 years? Sailing boats and sinking piss with no real prospects? Also, Joey Potter is in love with you.  But do you lock that shit down? No. You have an affair with your TEACHER. Dirty dog. You need to be more like Dawson.    

Tut tut. (via facebook/dawsonscreek)

 3. I don’t hate Jen any more though I am still surprised she lost her virginity so young. When Jen, the cool girl from New York who was sleeping around at 14, arrived to live with her Grams,  I was anti-Jen.  I was all “Who is this homewrecker and what’s she doing to Dawson?” But now, watching 18 years later, I see that she’s just really nice, and misunderstood, and trying to make friends in a new city. You go, Jen.    

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4. Dawson’s Mum. Calm your tits, everyone.

I never appreciated her the first time around. But now? The anchorwoman for Capesides local news channel warrants a new approach. First, that hair is the bomb. Secondly, let’s not cast Gail Leery as the witch here. Sure, she has a meaningless affair with Bob, her co-anchor, but it’s Mitch, her husband, who says he doesn’t love her anymore. She’s a working mum. She’s working her butt off everyday so Dawson can go to Capeside High and take film classes and have his OWN TV in his room. No-one is perfect. Let’s just tip our hat to working mums.



5. Joey Potter is a BOSS.   I already knew this. But just watching her row her boat, run around in her endless stream of lake-house-chic-tomboy outfits, AND wrestle with Dawson on his bed, reminds me why she was the girl that everyone wanted to be.  Plus, she doesn’t have a mum, and her sister is in a mixed-race relationship AND pregnant without being married. SO PROGRESSIVE, Capeside!

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6. Why did we all stop listening to Jewel?

The soundtrack for this show. Oh my. Sean Mullins. Sixpence None The Richer. Sophie B Hawkins. All of you, and your songs, need your own Spotify playlist called “Beautiful Songs That Will Cure Your Teenage Angst”.

There you have it. Six decent reasons you need to go back and start at Season 1. Apparently it’s on STAN, but heaps of the episodes are on Youtube as well.

And for when you’re NOT watching DC, you might want to listen to our fine podcast.

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