Woah. David the International Model just called Sam Frost a "bully".

One does not simply throw shade at Sam Frost.

David Witko has an announcement he needs to make.

The Bachelorette‘s very own “International Model” wants the world to know that he totally doesn’t care about Sam Frost and what she thinks of him.

Got that? He doesn’t care, okay? He doesn’t care and that’s why he’s turned to social media to tell the world he doesn’t care.

David Witko Sam Frost
Care factor: Zero. (Image: Ten)

Witko took to Instagram last night to showcase his totally nonchalant attitude to Frost — while also throwing some shade at the Sydney-based reality star.

He posted a screenshot of a comment left by Frost on an online article in which she confirmed that Witko was, in real life, “EXACTLY how he was portrayed on the show” and cheekily urged readers to “interpret that as you will”.


Witko — who must have known he came off as a bit of an arse-hat on the show — captioned that screenshot with a brief swipe at Frost.

“I actually don’t care; but it’s pretty sad… We spoke for a total of 10 minutes, and she knows me?” he began. “What about that donation to your charity I made at the initial meeting? Not shown.”

Witko and Frost on the show. (Screenshot: Ten)

He went on to call Frost a “bully” and question her role as ambassador for mental health oganisation Beyond Blue.

“You’re being a bully Sam, and you represent@beyondblueofficial,” he wrote (tagging both Sam and Beyond Blue in the post, as a totally casual way to highlight his chilled-out attitude to the whole situation.)

He then added a little “crying with laughter” emoji.

Care factor: Zero.

Okay, guys?

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