Meshel Laurie talks to conspiracy theorist David Icke. Some of his beliefs are... out there.

You might not have heard of David Icke.

He is a former British football player. Normal, right?

A former BBC presenter, too. Yep, pretty normal too.

And he believes the moon is a hollowed-out alien space station, Hillary Clinton, and the Queen are both reptile aliens sent to control the world, and 9/11 was a global conspiracy.

Umm, say what?

Yep. David Icke is a conspiracy theorist. A full time investigator into “who, or what, is really controlling the world”.

And people are genuinely, undeniably interested in what he has to say. Thousands of Australians lined up to see his shows when he recently toured Australia, many which sold out.

You might also recognise Icke from his appearance on The Today Show, where Lisa Wilkinson called him out on his pretty wild claims Post continues after video…

Among his claims:

We’ve been successfully enslaved by humanoid reptile aliens.

Icke believes 60 per cent of the world’s leaders are shape-shifting humanoid reptiles, including Queen Elizabeth II, and they control the world. And the rest of us? We’re enslaved to them.

Voting is a farce, he argues, because it’s only freedom when we’re given a choice, and we, according to him, “are choosing from two masks on the same face.”

“What they have done is incessantly centralised power in every area of our lives…it’s been given a name! Globalisation. Look at the world. Look at corporations. Look at the trade agreements and the power that they’re giving to corporations. Look at the centralisation of politics,” Icke says.


“Are Clinton and Trump reptilian humanoids? Or are they just puppets and answering to the shadowy figures?” Meshel asks.

“This is the thing with politics, you get the few, who are of this blood line, and then you get the many, who are just puppets. Clinton’s blood line, definitely. Trump – I have no idea,” Icke replies.

America is behind 9/11 and responsible for ISIS.

As Laurie accounts, CNN did a poll last year and found that 84 per cent of Americans do not believe that 9/11 happened the way that the government says that it happened, “they don’t believe the official line.”

Icke’s theory about the September 11 attacks is that they were orchestrated by the American government as a justification for invading the Middle East.

“What we’ve had since 9/11, and particularly since 2003 and the invasion of Iraq, is global journalistic schizophrenia…the people who are now accepted widely, to have lied to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to justify a war of slaughter of the innocent and all that’s come from it, are not only the same agencies, they are the same individuals that gave us the official story of 9/11,” Icke says.


Hear his more in-depth explanation in the snippet below. Post continues after audio…

Vaccination is a fascist act.

“There are no benefits if you don’t vaccinate your children. The first word that comes to me is fascism. If we are not in control of what goes into our own bodies, and the bodies of our own children, or we get sanctioned from benefits which we need to survive, that is fascism. It’s nothing to do with freedom or democracy.”

“Have a look at the scale of control over your life that the State has.”


While we here at Mamamia are firmly pro-vaccination, it is undeniable many people are listening to Icke with genuine interest. Maybe it is because people are searching for more answers about the chaos that is happening in the world, maybe it is because, as Icke says, “[He’s] painting a picture of the world that is completely different from the one we get from cradle to grave, through the education system, and all the other sources of information.”

The full episode of The Nitty Gritty Committee isbelow.  And like Meshel Laurie says, keep an open mind. And take a deep breath. It’s the podcast with stories of the guts and glory of life, and no one is perhaps gutsier than a man who says the things David Icke does.

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