David Campbell shares gorgeous pictures of his newborn twins.

David and Lisa Campbell welcomed their twins into the world just last week. And so far it’s been relaxing, apparently. What?!

The Mornings show host shared his delightful news on social media, posting a photo of the  twinon Instagram and Twitter.

The twins — one girl and one boy — are siblings to David and Lisa’s son Leo, four.

“Hey guys. Here is William David Campbell and Elizabeth Ann Campbell,” David wrote in the caption accompanying  this morning’s post. “We call them Billy and Betty.

“Mum is wonderful. Leo is so excited and I am doubly in love.”

Now the couple have uploaded some pictures of the pair sleeping, sleeping and doing some more sleeping.

Dad seems to be getting some sleep too. We wonder how long that will last?

Lisa uploaded this picture with the caption: “First week of having newborn twins has been a joy. I know?! I wasn’t expecting that outcome either!”

And here is their son Leo holding newborn baby Elizabeth. His face says “oh god, what if I drop her? Keep smiling…”

And then there were two. The couple are certainly enjoying the additional members of their family. When you’re this cute it’d be hard not to!