"Be more like Roy Kent." David Campbell on the parenting lessons he's learned from Ted Lasso.

If you are not watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ then you really are missing out on one of the best, most charming TV experiences in the last few years. 

You don’t have to be a football fan to love the irresistible goodness of this show. It has kind bones in its writing and pitch perfect performances. 

If you are a Dad who is struggling with the last 18 months, it can also be extremely useful. 

Watch the trailer for season two of Ted Lasso below. Post continues after video. 

Video via Apple TV.

One of the characters is the tough and mouthy fading star of the field, Roy Kent; based on English hardman and icon Roy Keane and played to perfection by Brett Goldstein. 

In the second series, Roy gives amazing advice to all fathers out there. Even if it’s not your first rodeo as a parent, it’s pretty wise.

He says, "Most adults think kids need to be constantly entertained. It’s bullsh*t. I didn’t need a f**king parade growing up. Truth is, they just wanna feel like they’re part of our lives. Little idiots."

Now, if you excuse the swearing and the judgement call at the end, this fictional footballer is pretty spot on. I have witnessed the offer of a "quick trip to Woolies" be met with the excitement of winning a weekend trip to Disneyland by my kids. 

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We compare ourselves too often to the perfect parents pictured on Instagram.

We read articles by experts who tell us what we are doing wrong as parents and how our Helicopter/BullDozer/Free Range parenting style is doing our kids untold damage, if we are doing any of this at all. 

Like many kids, I grew up with a father I didn’t live with. I loved spending time with him in school holidays and no doubt he threw all the bells and whistles at me. Trips, toys, Luna Park. 

Then I would go back home and all I wanted was to have boring, mundane stuff. When it did happen, I adored it.


Usually I loathe people saying things like, "I grew up with nothing and I loved it. I turned out okay." But I think there is a point to that. The Lasso guide to being a Dad would also say this is true.

When kids are bored, most of us are guilty of thinking we should entertain them, to make every moment count. 

They go outside, use their imagination, make up songs, make friends with other kids on the street, all the while knowing when they get home, we are there. This is what they need more than anything. 

So, be more like Roy Kent. A little less sweary... but just be there.

David Campbell’s album The Saturday Sessions is out now.

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